While You Are at St. Jude


Welcome to a place where hope lives.


At St. Jude, we offer families exceptional world-class treatment for cancer, blood disorders and related diseases we treat. We are also dedicated to helping your child maintain as normal a life as possible. We believe in the power of hope and continually work to make St. Jude a place where hope lives.

Here is the kind of information you'll find on this page:

All St. Jude learning materials can be helpful, but the staff will be your greatest resource. We are always happy to answer your questions. You are part of the St. Jude family. We are here to help you.

If there’s anything I possibly can do to help a mother and her child, I want to do it. I want to help.
I tell them:
‘Be encouraged. Don’t give up. Have hope.'

-Terry Aldridge, St. Jude retinoblastoma survivor since 1964

Your First Visit to St. Jude

When you arrive at St. Jude, your first stop will be Patient Registration. Patient Registration is located near the lobby of the Patient Care Center (PCC). You or your taxi will use the driving directions to arrive at the hospital. Each hospital gate has security 24/7. Security will direct you to the Patient Care Center, where staff will help you park during the day.

Here is the information you should bring for your first visit:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Your child’s Social Security number
  • Proof of custody if you are divorced or not the child’s natural parent.
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We know you have much bigger worries on your mind. Figuring out where to park and how to navigate your way to find Patient Registration  shouldn't be one of them. 

From the moment you pull up to our door, you are in the best of hands—those of St. Jude staff. We're here to make every step as easy as possible. This starts with our complimentary valet service. Why? Because all you should have to do when you get out of your car and is get right to helping your child get better.


I didn’t feel bad during my treatment. It was fun to come to St. Jude. I got to be homeschooled for six months, and I didn’t miss a single baseball game.

-Hunter, Hodgkin lymphoma patient

Daily Routines

Most children at St. Jude are treated as outpatients. At St. Jude, we want kids and teens to spend as much time as possible being kids and teens — not confined to hospital rooms. 

When your child needs to visit the hospital, the usual steps of your day include:

  • Visit the Registration desk
  • Go to Assessment and Triage
  • Meet the Patient representative
  • Have a check-up by a member of your clinical team
  • Receive treatment
  • Coordinate with the nurse scheduler to plan your next visit

Learn about Daily Routines

Treatment Areas Your Child May Visit

When your child is sick, you shouldn't have to worry about things like highway traffic and downtown parking. We put all your child's clinics in one place: on our St. Jude campus. This means you don't have to worry about traveling across town — or across the country — to see your child's specialists.

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Educational Resources for Caregivers

These "Do You Know" educational resources include details about many subjects that may affect your child as a patient at St. Jude and you as a caregiver. They explain guidelines for tests, treatments and other health care procedures. They also address questions that patient families ask most often.

"Do You Know" Informational Sheets


Family and Patient Support Services

Our specialists can help you meet the physical, emotional and social needs of your family. They include:

  • Child Life specialists to help your child and young family members cope with stress and illness
  • School Program, an accredited Special Purpose School program that provides opportunities to continue normal educational activities
  • Social Work staff is here to support you and your family through counseling and understand available services to help your family adjust
  • Rehabilitation staff to provide care when symptoms of cancer and treatment side effects cause problems with your child's daily activities and development.

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Family Centered Care

At St. Jude, we know you are an essential part of the patient care team. That is why we practice Family Centered Care. We believe St. Jude staff and families of patients are partners in your child’s care. Family centered care is our continual commitment to be responsive to the needs and choices of your family. It rests on four core concepts:

  1. Dignity and respect
  2. Information sharing
  3. Involvement
  4. Collaboration

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