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St. Jude surgeons are world-renowned for innovative approaches that save the lives of children with cancer and other diseases.


St. Jude surgeons have years of experience in performing complex and rare pediatric cancer surgeries. These include procedures to promote long-term survival and quality of life. Our goal is for your child to be cancer-free and able to live a healthy, active life.

What We Do

Our pediatric surgeons and other specialists work with you and your child’s doctor here and/or at home to develop an individual treatment plan for your child. We accept some of the toughest cases, including tumors other pediatric surgeons may consider inoperable.

Can my child come to St. Jude for surgery?

Some children come to St. Jude just for surgery. In many cases, they have already received initial chemotherapy from their home doctors. After recovery from surgery, these patients return home to complete therapy.

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Why choose St. Jude for my child's surgery?

St. Jude surgeons have pioneered safer, more effective surgical cures for children with cancer for decades. We are experienced in performing all types of pediatric surgeries.

Why St. Jude for Surgery


Solid Tumor Surgery

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Surgery plays a vital role in most solid tumor treatment. Your child’s team will decide the best treatment, in addition to surgery. The plan may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy or both. You will help make that decision.

Learn About Solid Tumor Surgery

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Brain Tumor Surgery

St. Jude partners with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital to form one of the nation’s largest surgical brain tumor programs. Ours is one of the few programs devoted solely to children with brain tumors. Neuro- and radiation oncologists, pathologists and other experts from St. Jude work with pediatric neurosurgeons from Le Bonheur to develop a treatment plan for your child.

Learn About Brain Tumor Surgery

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Ear, Nose and Throat Surgery

Our skilled surgeons use a delicate touch to remove head and neck tumors. Surgery is also a part of your child’s care to help them hear, speak and swallow after treatment. We also treat sleep apnea, hearing loss, speech and swallowing issues, and problems related to sickle cell disease and infection.

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Surgery Team

Our experienced surgical team includes many kinds of specialists, including surgical oncologists, ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons and plastic surgeons. Our surgeons work closely with the oncology team to make sure each patient receives the best care. Learn who will care for your child during surgery at St. Jude.

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