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The Department of Immunology at St. Jude is committed to understanding the fundamental cell biology of the immune system. This complex network of processes and players is key to defending the body from infection and disease. By deciphering the identity, development, and regulation of the immune system, our researchers are able to build a deeper understanding of normal and pathologic function.  

The Department of Immunology at St. Jude is committed to understanding the fundamental cell biology of the immune system. 

The Department of Immunology is home to venerated icons, rising stars and pivotal players in the field. Our investigators are world leaders in innate and adaptive immunity with access to outstanding departmental cores and cutting-edge technologies. We leverage close ties to clinical scientists and experts in human cancer and immunotherapy forming collaborative and innovative teams. The Department also benefits from highlight skilled computational support that maintains an in depth understanding of immunology.  


Core resources

Immunologic Imaging

The Immunologic Imaging center offers a range of microscopic techniques, including super resolution microscopy (STORM and SoRa), live cell microscopy, expansion microscopy, and other methodologies.  

Core staff: 
Cliff Guy, PhD - Director of Lab Operations 

Flow Cytometry

The Department of Immunology houses a fully equipped flow cytometry facility with extensive capability for fluorescent sorting and analysis with high dimensionality. 

Core staff: 
Richard Cross, PhD – Director of Lab Operations 
Greig Lennon, PhD – Scientist 
Katie Hays – Researcher 
Soghra Fatima, PhD – Lead Researcher 

Immunological Reagents

The Immunological Reagents core is a fully equipped facility for monoclonal antibody and tetramer preparation and provides assistance in genetic engineering of cells and mice. 

Core staff: 
Scott Brown, PhD – Director of Lab Operations 
Emin Kuliyev, PhD – Lead Researcher 


The Immunometabolism core offers targeted metabolomics, metabolic tracing, and mitochondrial metabolism assays with a focus on the cells of the immune system. 

Core staff:  
Gustavo Palacios, PhD – Research Operations Manager 

Administrative Core

The Administrative Core oversees the daily functions of the Department of Immunology. Responsibilities include coordination of departmental activities, grant preparation and management, and the purchase and maintenance of common equipment.  

Core staff: 
Elvia Oliva, MBA – Administrative Director 
Mitzi Atchison – Senior Administrative Assistant 
Casey Deakins – Grants and Contracts Coordinator 
Shandy Lewis, MA – Senior Administrative Specialist
Amber Samoussev, MSIS – Administrative Specialist
Samantha Stith – Administrative Specialist

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