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ANBL1821: Eflornithine with Chemo-Immunotherapy for Children with Advanced Neuroblastoma

About this study

Neuroblastoma develops in nerve cells that are outside of the brain. At this time, there is no single standard treatment for patients with neuroblastoma that has come back after treatment (relapsed) or not responded to treatment (refractory).

In this study, you will receive therapy composed of one of the following combinations of drugs:

  1. irinotecan, temozolomide, dinutuximab and sargramostim, or
  2. irinotecan, temozolomide, dinutuximab and sargramostim with eflornithine

Eflornithine (DFMO) is an investigational drug that is not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in cancer patients. It has been approved by the FDA for treatment of an infection called trypanosomiasis. Eflornithine blocks the production of certain chemicals that are important in the growth of cancer cells. This drug has been used in adults with cancer. It has also been tested both alone and in combination with chemotherapy in children with cancer, including children with neuroblastoma.

Eligibility overview

  • At least 1 year old
  • Diagnosis of relapsed, refractory or progressive neuroblastoma

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Full title:

Phase 2 Randomized Study of Irinotecan/ Temozolomide/ Dinutuximab with or without Eflornithine (DFMO) in Children with Relapsed, Refractory or Progressive Neuroblastoma

Study goal:

The main purpose of this study is to find out the good and bad effects of eflornithine combined with irinotecan, temozolomide, and dinutuximab in children and young adults with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma.




At least 1 year old

Clinical trials categories:

Childhood Cancer Solid Tumors Neuroblastoma

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