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Leukemia and Lymphoma Treatment Program

St. Jude Children’s Research  Hospital is one of the world’s best hospitals for children with leukemia and lymphoma. 

Doctor talking to patient in exam room

At St. Jude, doctors work with scientists to learn more about what causes leukemia and lymphoma. Then we work to develop new treatments that target those causes. St. Jude uses state-of-the-art methods to diagnose and treat leukemia and lymphoma.

Our approach to treating leukemia and lymphoma includes:

  • Using advanced techniques to diagnose cancer. This allows us to tailor a treatment plan for your child.
  • Treating cancer while limiting the side effects of treatment
  • Caring for your child’s mental, emotional, and spiritual needs
  • Helping your child lead the best life possible after treatment

Our team of specialists walks with you and your child through each stage of the treatment journey.

Leukemias and lymphomas treated at St. Jude

St. Jude has led the way in improving treatments for childhood leukemia and lymphoma. When we opened in 1962, only 4 in 100 children in the United States survived acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common form of childhood cancer. Today, about 95 in 100 children in the U.S. survive ALL.

The most common types of leukemia and lymphoma we treat include:

Leukemia and lymphoma clinical trials

Many St. Jude patients take part in clinical trials. A clinical trial is a study that may help improve treatments for children.

Clinical trials are the driving force behind advancing treatment for children with serious diseases. We support clinical trials because it is how our doctors bring new therapies or explore treatments with fewer side effects.

St. Jude clinical trials have developed groundbreaking treatments for serious childhood diseases. This can be a major advantage for coming to St. Jude because we develop new treatments on the same campus where patients receive care.

We also take part in trials developed by the Children’s Oncology Group (COG). Many of our doctors and scientists help develop these large studies. They happen at centers across the United States.

Why St. Jude for leukemia and lymphoma treatment?

Research and treatment at  St. Jude have helped increase the survival rates of children with leukemia and lymphoma. 

  • We are consistently ranked among the best childhood cancer centers in the nation by US News & World Report. 
  • At St. Jude, we have created an environment where children can be children and families can be together.
  • We lead more clinical trials for childhood cancer than any other hospital in the U.S. 
  • St. Jude is the only National Cancer Institute–designated Comprehensive Cancer Center just for children. A Comprehensive Cancer Center meets rigorous standards for research to develop new and better approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer. 
  • The nurse-to-patient ratio at St. Jude is about 1:3 in hematology and oncology and 1:1 in the Intensive Care Unit. 
  • Patients may be able to get expert, compassionate care and treatment closer to their homes through our St. Jude Affiliate clinics

Leukemia and lymphoma treatment team

St. Jude offers a dedicated team of specialists to meet the needs of children with leukemia and lymphoma, including:

  • Doctors, nurses, and advanced care providers (APPs) such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants who specialize in treating leukemia and lymphoma. Your child’s care team will include a doctor, an APP, and a nurse to coordinate care.
  • Doctors who specialize in pathology (making a diagnosis by looking at blood and tissue)
  • Genetic counselors to help find out if your child’s cancer was inherited through a family member
  • Clinical dietitians to help your child get the nutrients they need to be healthy
  • Child life specialists to help your child cope with treatment and being in the hospital
  • Psychologists to support emotional, social, learning, and behavioral needs
  • Social workers to help your child and your family with daily life and practical matters
  • Rehabilitation therapists help your child cope with the effects of illness and side effects
  • Researchers and scientists

Meet your leukemia and lymphoma treatment team

What to expect during your visit

Your child will have tests to help us learn everything we can about your child’s case. Each child’s case is unique.

Your child’s tests may include:

We will use this information to develop a treatment plan for your child. We will discuss the possible types of therapy with you.

Your child may have surgery to get a venous access device for medicines, fluids, nutrition, and blood products. This device means your child will have fewer needle sticks.

One of our main goals is to provide children with as much “normalcy” as possible. When possible, we will work with a local physician to deliver certain treatments at or closer to home at one of our St. Jude Affiliate clinics.  We will discuss this with you before your child starts treatment.

Follow-up care

After your child is treated, they may need rehabilitation therapy and follow-up care when they go home. Your care team will work with your family physician to help manage your child’s care and develop a survivorship care plan after treatment.

Contact the Physician / Patient Referral Office

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