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Patient Education Resources

St. Jude provides  patient and family education resources to help you understand diagnosis, treatment, and related topics. You can use this information to help you make health-related decisions about care and treatment for your child.  

Three female patients pose in Family Commons

Patient education through St. Jude MyChart

St. Jude patients and families can access patient education resources through St. Jude MyChart. Additional education resources can be found on the Together by St. Jude website. Your care team may also provide printed or other materials.

Prescribed Patient Education: Care team members assign education based on each patient’s needs. Your assigned education appears in St. Jude MyChart under Education. If you do not have the MyChart app, you can request access.

Together by St. Jude™ online resource

Our main source of information and education is the Together by St. Jude website. Together is for patients and families everywhere, no matter where children receive treatment. It is available in multiple languages and includes educational articles, illustrations, and videos on topics such as:

Content on Together is reviewed and updated regularly. If you print or download this content, we cannot ensure its accuracy for later use. Please return to Together to ensure you have the latest, up-to-date information. 

Patient education resources do not replace medical advice. This information is meant to support the education provided by your care team. Discuss questions about health concerns or your child’s care with your primary care team.