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Places to Eat on Campus

St. Jude offers a variety of places to eat for your convenience.

Person carrying tray of food in cafeteria

St. Jude has several places where patients and families can eat. You can also find this information on the Our St. Jude mobile app through the Apple Store and Google Play.

Food options at St. Jude 

St. Jude offers a variety of food service options. Food options are available at each housing facility. For specific questions, you may call Food Services at 901-595-3000 or email  

Financial support for meals

We help our patients and caregivers with meal costs. 

Patient meals

We provide St. Jude cafeteria meal accounts to help our patients and their caregivers with meal costs. St. Jude will provide these accounts based on a patient’s appointment schedule.

You can use the cafeteria meal account at Kay Kafe for all meals. St. Jude cafeteria meal accounts cannot be used off campus.

Caregivers in short-term housing

St. Jude offers a daily short-term stipend to patient families in Tri-Delta Place and to patient families in short-term housing at The Domino’s Village. You may use this card to buy food and personal care items that may be needed. 

Caregivers in long-term housing

St. Jude offers a weekly meal stipend to patient families in long-term housing at Ronald McDonald House, Target House, The Domino’s Village, and patient-provided lodging. Caregivers in long-term housing may speak with a member of the Patient Services staff about receiving the weekly meal stipend.

We may put the meal stipend on a reusable debit card. You may use that card to buy food, prepared meals, and grocery items. Grocery items may include personal care items such as toothpaste, soap, or shampoo. You may not use the meal stipend for any other purchases, including alcohol, tobacco products, lottery tickets, or gambling.

St. Jude loads funds at its discretion, and balances may be subject to a cap. St. Jude may stop loading the weekly meal stipend when the cap is reached.

Learn more about meal assistance. For more details, call Patient Services at 901-595-4501.

Special diets

Our clinical dieticians help develop diets for our patients so they get the nutrients they need. This team can also help your child with any special dietary needs they may have and share this information with the Food Services staff.

Food safety

You may eat your meals in the hospital room with your child. But you must throw out food that has been in a patient room longer than 1 hour. Bacteria that could be harmful to your child can grow on the food after that time.

You cannot store food in your child’s room. Food attracts insects that can cause disease. Food made outside the hospital and brought into your child’s room should be stored in the Nutrition Center refrigerator on each floor. Write your child’s name and the current date on each food container. Unused food is removed every 3 days or right away, if it is spoiled.