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Clinical Initiatives

St. Jude clinical and support teams work together to improve the quality of our patient care. Explore some of the clinical initiatives that support the care and treatment of St. Jude patients. These and other initiatives across the institution contribute to our patient outcomes, safety, and overall health care excellence. 

BRAVE Early Mobility Program

The St. Jude BRAVE (Beginning Restorative Activities Very Early) mobility program helps critically ill patients return to normal physical activities as soon as possible. By increasing mobility early in the hospitalization process, a patient may spend less time in the pediatric ICU and have a speedier recovery.


Caregivers SHARE

When a child is seriously ill, families need emotional support. The Caregivers SHARE podcast features advice, reflection, encouragement, and real stories from other St. Jude families and hospital staff. SHARE stands for Support, Honor, Advise, Reflect, and Encourage. The podcast is produced by St. Jude Patient Family-Centered Care and Psychosocial Services.


CORE Promise

At St. Jude, we pledge to do all we can to reduce distress for patients and caregivers during medical experiences. Our Safe and Sound CORE Promise aims to reduce pain and anxiety during medical procedures. This program offers specific strategies to reduce a patient’s distress, depending on the age of the child.


Quality and Patient Safety

At St. Jude, we partner with patients and families to create a culture of safety and quality. We track our progress on many quality measures, including infection rates and patient satisfaction. This helps us constantly improve the care that we provide.


Transition Oncology Program

The end of active treatment is at once exciting and daunting. The St. Jude Transition Oncology Program (TOP) aims to help patients transition back home following completion of therapy. The TOP team provides an extra layer of support and reassurance for both patients and families.



AWAKE is a hospital-wide approach to reduce children's exposure to anesthetics when possible. AWAKE's aim is to reduce toxicity risk and improve long-term health outcomes for patients. This enhances the patient and family experience while maintaining quality and safety.


Caregiver Connections

Coping with a child’s diagnosis, illness, and treatment is challenging. Sometimes, only another caregiver can truly understand the experience. The Caregiver Connections groups allow caregivers to talk with one another—offering hope, meaning, comfort, and support. Meet people, make friends, and learn new ways to cope at Caregiver Connections in Family Commons.