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How to Refer Your Patient

Patients accepted to St. Jude must be referred by a physician or other qualified medical professional.

St. Jude offers world-class care for eligible children and young adults with diagnosed or suspected diagnoses of:

  • Pediatric cancers we treat
  • Sickle cell disease and other blood disorders we treat
  • HIV infections
  • Genetic conditions that increase a child's risk of cancer
  • Certain neurological diseases

Find out which diseases are treated at St. Jude.

We accept most patients based on their ability to enroll in an open clinical trial. Some trials only accept children who have not yet begun treatment. Patients living within 180 miles of Memphis may be accepted regardless of their ability to enroll in a clinical trial.

Some patients may be eligible for treatment through one of our 8 regional affiliate clinics. The St. Jude Affiliate Program is a network of clinics, hospitals, and universities that work closely with St. Jude to provide care and treatment closer to a patient’s home. When a St. Jude affiliate is a child's primary treatment center, we may accept a child regardless of their ability to enroll in an open clinical trial. To refer a child to a St. Jude affiliate clinic, contact the Physician/Patient Referral Office or call the specific affiliate directly.

Online Referral Form

Steps to refer a patient