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Genetic Predisposition Syndromes

St. Jude cares for children who have genetic syndromes that may increase their risk of developing serious diseases. 

Our genes tell the cells in our body how to grow and function. Genes control things such as what color our eyes will be. Genes are passed down (inherited) from our parents.

A mutation is a change in a gene that makes the gene not work right. Genetic syndromes occur in children who are born with 1 or more gene mutations. These mutations affect how the gene works. They also increase a person’s risk for certain cancers, blood disorders, neurological disorders, or other serious diseases. 

Why St. Jude for care?

Our genetic counselors, clinicians, genetics nurse practitioners, and research associates work together to provide your child with: 

  • A complete health history 
  • A complete cancer family history 
  • Physical exams to check for features of genetic conditions
  • Confidential genetic counseling and testing 
  • Cancer screenings for children with genetic disease to detect and treat cancer as soon as it occurs 
  • Recommended ways to reduce cancer risk
  • Genetic testing for immediate (1st degree) relatives 
  • Research opportunities related to cancer history and/or genetic diagnosis

Children with genetic neurological disorders are supported by a team of experts who work together to move the most promising experimental therapies from the lab into the clinic. That team includes doctors and researchers as well as a patient coordinator, physical therapist, genetic counselor, research nurses, study coordinators, and others. 

Genetic syndromes and disorders treated at
St. Jude

St. Jude offers the best clinical care possible for children who have genetic syndromes that increase their risk for cancers, blood disorders, neurological disorders, or other serious diseases.

We use cutting-edge research to gain more information about genetic disorders and to improve the care and treatment for patients who are affected by them.

We care for children affected by genetic syndromes and disorders that include:

Genetic predisposition clinical trials

St. Jude offers clinical trials and research studies for children, teens, and young adults with genetic predisposition syndromes. 

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Seeking treatment at St. Jude

Patients accepted to St. Jude must have a disease we treat and must be referred by a physician or other qualified medical professional. We accept most patients based on their ability to enroll in an open clinical trial.

How to seek treatment

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