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How to Request Medical Records

Patients have the right to see their medical records and get copies.

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Medical records are documents that have health information about a patient. These health records include details such as:

  • A patient’s name, address, date of birth, gender, gender identity, or ethnicity
  • Health history
  • Medicines
  • Medical conditions and diseases
  • Treatments
  • Results of lab tests and imaging tests
  • Health care provider notes from patient visits

Many health care providers, like those at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, keep medical records in electronic systems like St. Jude MyChart. This helps patients and providers share medical information easily.

Sign up for a St. Jude MyChart account

To request medical records, set up an account with the St. Jude MyChart online patient portal.

There are 3 ways to sign up for a St. Jude MyChart account:

  1. Online: Fill out this online form. Someone from St. Jude will then contact you.
  2. In person: Sign up at Patient Registration or at Family Commons’ In the Know Desk.
  3. If not on campus, call the St. Jude MyChart helpline to request access: 901-595-4636.

After requesting access to St. Jude MyChart, you will get a text message or an email with a security code. Use this code to complete the online registration form and set up your account.

When filling out the registration form, parents and caregivers should use their date of birth and not the patient’s. If you are a patient filling out the registration form, use your own date of birth.

After your account is set up, visit the app store to download MyChart and Our St. Jude. Our St. Jude is an experience-based app made with St. Jude families for St. Jude families. It offers important details about what’s going on at the hospital. You use the same username and password to sign into St. Jude MyChart and Our St. Jude. You set this username and password when you sign up for MyChart.  

When you have downloaded the apps, select the MyChart app. Log in with the username and password that you set when you registered. Select St. Jude as your institution. 

View and download medical records

The instructions below show how to download a formal copy of your medical record. You must first request an electronic copy from the Health Information Management department. This can be done in St. Jude MyChart from a PC or mobile device.

  1. There are multiple ways to access the Requested Records hub:
    • Go directly to the Requested Records Hub using this path: Menu icon > My Record > Document Center > Requested Records OR
    • From the Home screen, click the Download document button in the “Download the record you requested” section.
  2. Click the Download button.
  3. Click Download in the Confirm download popup window.
    • Depending on the size of the release, this will generate a zip file or a PDF file that will appear in the Downloads folder on your computer.
    • All downloads are available for 30 days.
  4. For instructions to access the downloaded files on multiple devices, click How to Access Your Files link on the Requested Records page.

Request paper copies of medical records

The preferred method for medical records is electronic using MyChart. If you do not have a St. Jude MyChart account and would like to request paper copies, call the Health Information Management department at 901-595-3680 or (toll free) 1-866-278-5833, ext. 3680.

Request electronic copies of your medical records

You can request a “formal copy” of your medical record from the Health Information Management department. This can be done from a PC or mobile device. The Health Information Management department will generate an electronic PDF that will be sent to your MyChart account. To request medical records:

  1. Open MyChart.
  2. Click the Menu icon > Sharing > Sharing Hub.
  3. Under “Who do you want to share your health information with, select an option.
  4. Under the “How do you want to share your health information, select Request a formal copy.
  5. Fill out the request form fields, enter a comment about the request, and click Continue.
  6. Review the request, click I agree in the Consent for the release of information section, and Send Request.
  7. Follow the instructions in View and download medical records to download the PDF copy.

Share medical information with others

You can use St. Jude MyChart from your computer or mobile device to share medical information with others. A share code and date of birth must be given to the provider so they can access the records.

  1. Open MyChart.
  2. Open ShareEverywhere:
    • Click the Menu icon > Sharing > Sharing Hub OR
    • Click the Menu Icon and search for “ShareEverywhere” OR
    • Click ShareEverywhere from your landing screen.
  3. Enter the name of the provider.
  4. Click the Request Share code.
    • Make a note of this code. You will give this to the provider so they can access the record.
  5. The other party will navigate to and enter the code and date of birth to view the record.
    • The provider has 1 hour to use the code.

How to see medical information from other health care providers

If your child was seen by another health care organization, you might be able to view information from their record there on your St. Jude MyChart using a feature called “Happy Together.”

To view this information, you must link your child’s account. Go to Profile > Link My Accounts to get started. Then, select your account from the list and click Link Account.

After you have linked your child’s accounts, information from the other organization appears in St. Jude MyChart.

HIPAA protects your privacy

In the United States, a law called the Healthy Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) set limits on who can see a patient’s medical records. This law requires that a person 18 years or older must give written permission before anyone can see their medical record, even family members or caregivers. Medical details can be used and shared with:

  • Parents or legal guardians of a patient younger than age 18
  • Health care providers who give care and treatment
  • People who pay doctors and hospitals for services, like insurance companies or Medicaid
  • Public health agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies when needed
  • Any family members or friends who were given written permission by the patient or their parent or guardian

Legal right to access medical records

Patients have the right to see their medical records and get copies. Parents or legal guardians may need to ask for copies for their children. Medical records can be hard to read, so if you have any questions about what you see in your child’s records, talk to your health care provider.

You can find out more information about your rights to your child’s or your medical records and HIPAA at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services website.

If you have concerns about your privacy or confidentiality rights, you can speak to the St. Jude HIPAA Privacy Officer at 901-595-6141 or write:

HIPAA Privacy Officer
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
262 Danny Thomas Place, MS 280
Memphis, TN 38105-3678

Learn more about using MyChart to view and share medical records or other activities using the St. Jude MyChart User Guide.