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Neurological Disorders Care

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is working to deepen the understanding of rare, catastrophic genetic neurological disorders in children. Our aim is to transform the treatment landscape for these disorders.

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Genetics, sometimes a change in a single gene, often plays a role in causing neurological disorders. But these genes and their contribution to the disease process are often not well known. St. Jude is working to provide answers and to use those discoveries to create effective therapies.

Children with select neurological disorders who are accepted at St. Jude take part in clinical research or clinical trials. The aim of these studies is to help scientists learn more about the disorders and to develop potential treatments. 

Why St. Jude for neurological disorders care? 

A few reasons to choose St. Jude for care include:

  • St. Jude is home to the Pediatric Transitional Neuroscience Initiative (PTNI). It brings the mission of St. Jude to children living with certain neurological disorders. PTNI brings together scientists, leading medical providers, patient advocates, and others to address the unmet needs of children with these disorders.
  • The Center for Experimental Neurotherapeutics (CENT) lets us move the most promising experimental therapies from the lab into clinical tests as soon as possible. The goal is to speed development of effective therapies by advancing innovative clinical trials.
  • At St. Jude, we have created an environment where children can be children and families can be together. 
  • St. Jude patients and families never pay for services authorized by St. Jude. 
  • The nurse-to-patient ratio at St. Jude is about 1:3 in hematology and oncology and 1:1 in the Intensive Care Unit. 

Care information

How to seek care

We accept most patients who meet the requirements to take part in our clinical research. A physician must refer potential patients to St. Jude.

We partner with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in providing care for St. Jude patients with neurological disorders. Your child may receive some of their care at Le Bonheur. 

Neurological disorder clinical trials

St. Jude offers clinical trials and research studies for children, teens, and young adults with neurological  disorders. 

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Seeking treatment at St. Jude

Patients accepted to St. Jude must have a disease we treat and must be referred by a physician or other qualified medical professional. We accept most patients based on their ability to enroll in an open clinical trial.

How to seek treatment

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