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What to Expect After Treatment

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital continues to provide support to patients and families after they leave our care.

You will always be part of the St. Jude family. We would love to hear from you and want to know how you are doing.

Your care team is available to answer treatment-related questions. We can consult with your local health care team and provide referrals to providers when needed.

Infection and your child

If your child’s immune system is weak, your child is more likely to get an infection. You will need to take care to prevent infection at home. Infections can become serious in children with cancer and blood disorders.

While you are at St. Jude, your care team members will help you learn how to recognize, prevent, and control infections.

Medical record requests

You may need copies of your child’s medical records. St. Jude provides medical records to patients at no cost.

Request medical records

Follow-up care and visits

Patients usually come back to St. Jude for follow-up tests for a period of time. These visits may include a physical examination, lab tests, and imaging tests.

You may also meet with other care providers, such as social workers and psychologists. It is important that you keep your follow-up appointments.

When your child’s care requires a visit to St. Jude, we can cover the costs of travel and lodging for you and one adult caregiver if one is required.

  • If you live between 35 miles and less than 300 miles from St. Jude, the hospital will arrange bus or rail travel for you. If you will be traveling in your car, we can pay for car mileage.
  • If you live more than 300 miles from St. Jude, the hospital will arrange bus, rail, or air travel. If you travel by car, we will cover the cost of auto mileage or a rental car.

Except for auto mileage, you must request all help with travel in advance.

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