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Types of Treatment

We are experts at using existing treatments, as well as targeted therapies, to cure the life-threatening diseases of childhood.

African-American mother and child in a hospital bed

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a worldwide leader in treating serious childhood diseases. We treat children with cancer, blood and neurological disorders, and other life-threatening illnesses. Our commitment to research-driven solutions has greatly improved patient outcomes. Some of the treatments used at St. Jude include:

Bone marrow transplant

A bone marrow (stem cell) transplant replaces damaged or destroyed bone marrow cells with healthy ones. St. Jude has one of the world’s largest bone marrow transplant programs that treats only children, teens, and young adults. Our doctors have been pioneers in bone marrow transplantation for more than 40 years.


St. Jude uses state-of-the-art chemotherapy to treat cancer and other diseases with as few side effects as possible. Decades of research and treatment of cancer and disease at St. Jude have helped increase the survival rates of children with cancer. We have extensive experience in using the latest chemotherapy treatments for children, teens, and young adults.


St. Jude is developing one of the largest immunotherapy research programs in the United States. At the Center of Excellence for Pediatric Immuno-Oncology, our scientists and doctors work to expand and improve immunotherapies for childhood cancers. They develop treatments for some of the toughest childhood diseases, including brain and solid tumors.

Proton therapy

St. Jude is home to the world’s first proton therapy center just for children. Proton therapy is one of the most advanced and precise forms of radiation treatment. It lets doctors aim high-dose radiation at cancer cells and spare healthy cells. That means proton therapy may be ideal for treating children whose brains and bodies are still growing.

Radiation therapy

St. Jude is a world leader in the use of radiation therapy to treat children with cancer and other illnesses. The Radiation Oncology Department provides expert care to meet your child’s specific treatment needs.


The St. Jude surgery team has years of experience performing complex and rare surgeries in children. These include procedures to promote long-term survival and quality of life. Our goal is for your child to be disease-free and able to live a healthy, active life.

Gene therapy 

St. Jude is developing targeted therapies, or precision medicine, to save the lives of children while minimizing the side effects of treatment. Gene therapy has promise for the treatment of sickle cell disease, blood disorders, and neurodegenerative diseases caused by an error in the body’s genetic instructions. The approach uses tools to either edit the problem gene or to deliver a working copy of that gene to patients.

Why choose St. Jude for your child’s treatment?

  • We are consistently ranked among the best childhood cancer centers in the nation by US News & World Report.
  • At St. Jude, we have created an environment where children can be children and families can be together.
  • We lead more clinical trials for childhood cancer than any other hospital in the U.S.
  • St. Jude is the only National Cancer Institute–designated Comprehensive Cancer Center just for children. A Comprehensive Cancer Center meets rigorous standards for research that develops new and better approaches to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.
  • The nurse-to-patient ratio at St. Jude is about 1:3 in hematology and oncology and 1:1 in the Intensive Care Unit.
  • Patients may be able to get expert, compassionate care and treatment closer to their homes through our St. Jude Affiliate Program.