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cHOD17: Risk-Adapted Therapy for Children and Young Adults with Hodgkin Lymphoma

About this study

Hodgkin lymphoma is a cancer of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is comprised of tissue throughout the body that makes and stores infection-fighting cells.

Hodgkin lymphoma in children and young adults has a high cure rate. Patients are usually treated with chemotherapy (anti-cancer drugs) and radiation therapy (the use of high-dose x-rays to kill cancer cells). Although most children are cured, some experience negative effects from treatment later in life. These kind of side effects are called “late effects” and can include problems with growth, problems with some organ functions and second cancers.

This study will adjust the standard therapy for Hodgkin lymphoma to find out if chemotherapy, plus a reduction in steroids and/or radiation treatments, can cure the cancer while reducing late effects.

Eligibility overview

  • Previously untreated CD30+ classical Hodgkin lymphoma
  • 21 years or younger at time of diagnosis (low-risk and intermediate-risk patients)
  • 18 years or younger (high-risk patients)

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Full title:

Pediatric Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Consortium Study: cHOD17

Study goal:

The main goal of this study is to see if this approach can reduce treatment-related late effects in children and young adults with Hodgkin lymphoma.


Hodgkin Lymphoma


21 years or younger (low-risk patients)
25 years or younger (high-risk patients)

Clinical trials categories:

Childhood Cancer Hodgkin Lymphoma Lymphoma

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