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LOXORET: Phase 1/2 Study of LOXO-292 (Selpercatinib) in Patients with Advanced RET-Altered Solid Tumors or Brain Tumors

About this study

This study will test the safety of an experimental drug treatment in children and adolescents with advanced solid tumors or brain and spinal cord tumors.

Many children with these tumors are helped by standard cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. However, some children do not respond to treatment or their cancer comes back after therapy. This study is for children with these kinds of advanced tumors.

The drug in this clinical trial is designed to treat solid and brain tumors that have an abnormality in the RET gene. Genes tell the cells of our bodies how to grow, develop and function.

The name of the experimental drug is selpercatinib (LOXO-292). This study is the first time selpercatinib will be used in children.

Eligibility overview

  • 6 months to 21 years old
  • Solid tumor or brain tumor that has progressed or spread
  • Failed standard treatment
  • RET gene alteration

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Full title:

A Study of Oral LOXO-292 (Selpercatinib) in Pediatric Patients with Advanced Solid or Primary Central Nervous System Tumors 

Study goal:

The main goal of this study is to test the safety of selpercatinib in children and adolescents with solid tumors or brain and spinal cord tumors. Researchers also want to learn how the drug affects cancer in children and the best, most effective dose.


6 months to 21 years old

Clinical trials categories:

Childhood Cancer Solid Tumors Brain Tumors

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