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Our St. Jude Patient App

Our St. Jude is a digital app for patient families at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Patients and caregivers can download and use the app to do tasks such as:

  • Track clinical appointments
  • Stay up to date on campus events
  • Access educational materials
  • Get notifications on travel and housing reservations

Learn more about Our St. Jude.


Use Our St. Jude along with MyChart

Patients should use both the St. Jude MyChart and Our St. Jude apps for the best experience.

  • Our St. Jude helps you with day-to-day life at the hospital.
  • St. Jude MyChart is the patient portal for EPIC, the electronic health record.

When you use both apps together, you have a world of resources at your fingertips.

Learn how to sign up for St. Jude MyChart and Our St. Jude.


Our St. Jude features

When you open the app, you will get a quick glance at what is next on your calendar.

Our St. Jude offers helpful educational content to help you navigate treatment. The educational content updates as your schedule changes. Often it is specific to your next event. Sometimes, general information about St. Jude is highlighted instead.


Use the Calendar to see your appointments, flights, housing reservations, and social events. The calendar has a weekly and a monthly view. Use the filters to see specific event types. Click on the cards to view details about each event.

The “My Events” section includes all of your appointments, flight days, and the first day of your housing reservation. You can add social events to your “My Events” by clicking “Add to My Events” from a social event card. Once added to your “My Events,” you will get reminders about the social event. The event will display on your Home page when it is the next item on your calendar.

Every event on the app lists the time in the time zone for that event. For example, if the event occurs on the St. Jude campus, then the time listed for the event is Memphis time, which is Central Time. E-visits are set at Memphis, Central Time. If your flight leaves out of Denver, Colorado, then the departure time is listed as Denver time, which is Mountain Time. The app does not consider where you are located when viewing the app, but pulls the time based on the event’s location.

Our St. Jude should show all appointments you have scheduled with or through St. Jude. If you think an appointment is missing, call St. Jude Patient Scheduling at 901-595-6146.


Use Maps to find your way around the St. Jude campus. Maps will give you step-by-step walking directions at St. Jude. Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on to best use this feature.


The app provides a Directory to find frequently used numbers. It will also give you a quick way to see who is in your child’s care team.

While at St. Jude you will meet many people who help care for your child. You can see and build your Care Team in the app. Search the directory and add them to your Care Team to remember their name, face, and role.


Use the menu to access important details about:

  • Your Profile
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Housing
  • Resources
  • Education
  • St. Jude MyChart
  • Together by St. Jude™ online resource 
  • Help & Support

Under the Food section, you can find the Kay Kafe menu for the week, as well as food trucks on campus. You can use the maps feature to get walking directions to the food trucks or other places on campus.

You can access your flight and housing details from the Calendar or directly from the menu.

Resources and Education sections provide St. Jude content about important topics. Learn about diagnoses and treatment, support, clinical guidelines, campus life, and much more.

Notification settings

You control what notifications you receive from Our St. Jude. To change this setting, go to Menu and click the gear at the top right. Select “Push Notifications” and choose what type of notifications you want. By default, all notifications are set to “on.”

The following are notifications that you may see pop up on the app.

How to access the app

Our St. Jude app is offered to St. Jude patient families only. 

You can download the Our St. Jude app through the Apple Store and Google Play.

In order to sign into the app, you must have a St. Jude MyChart account. Use your St. Jude MyChart username and password to sign into Our St. Jude.

If you do not have a MyChart account, there are 3 ways to sign up:

  1. In person: At Registration or with a patient representative
  2. By phone: 901-595-4636
  3. Online: Fill out this form and someone will contact you during business hours to help you.

How to use St. Jude MyChart