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PFCC Platinum Partners

Platinum Partner status honors Patient Family-Centered Care Program (PFCC) volunteers for their loyal service at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. This is a lifetime role for honored volunteers. They continue to be partners in the PFCC Program without needing to commit to a set adviser role.


Any PFCC adviser who has logged more than 4 years or 1,000 hours of service in a single or related adviser role can become a Platinum Partner. The PFCC director might make some exceptions.


Along with being a valued member of the PFCC volunteer program, these are some benefits to becoming a Platinum Partner:

  • Special ceremony inducting you as a Platinum Partner
  • Platinum Partner service pin
  • 20% lifetime discount in the ALSAC gift shop
  • All current benefits for active volunteers:
    • Annual Volunteer Celebration and Awards Event
    • The PFCC Annual Report
    • Free annual flu shot
    • Lunch at the hospital when on campus

Selection process

If you are a PFCC adviser who logs enough time, the PFCC team will notify you of your Platinum Partner status. You may choose to accept the Platinum Partner role. Or, you may choose an alternate PFCC adviser role from the one you served in before. If you choose a new role, you will remain eligible and can accept the Platinum Partner role in the future.

You can tell the PFCC director which role you might like to fill. The PFCC team may consider you for an alternate role based on your skill set, strengths, and program needs.

Platinum Partner duties

PFCC Platinum Partners continue to be committed and connected to St. Jude. You will be encouraged to take part in some adviser opportunities. Platinum Partners are invited to visit St. Jude often. They are treated to lunch when on campus.

We ask Platinum Partners to stay informed about the latest St. Jude news. You can do this by reading the publications offered by the PFCC Program.

Platinum Partners are encouraged to attend all social and formal PFCC events. We will honor you at these gatherings. Partners should feel comfortable giving their feedback and suggesting improvements to the PFCC director.

Also as a Partner, you will be encouraged to remain a member of St. Jude Voice to actively support other St. Jude families.