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Dental Services

The Dental Clinic providers at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital are specially trained to deal with issues patients may have as they undergo treatment for cancer, bleeding disorders, sickle cell disease, and other serious illnesses. 

Many St. Jude patients visit the Dental Clinic during therapy. Dental problems can cause serious complications while in treatment. The dentists and other health care providers create a child-friendly experience to put your child at ease and make their visits enjoyable.

Why dental care is crucial for your child

Specialty dental care is needed for these reasons:

Services we provide

The Dental Clinic provides the following services:


  • Screenings and exams for new patients who are having chemotherapy, radiation, or transplant
  • Routine cleanings for patients on therapy
  • Dental fillings, crowns, and extractions for patients on therapy and for patients referred to the Dental Clinic by their primary team. Some patients may need extensive dental work. This kind of work may require general anesthesia.
  • Dental exams for patients before they undergo transplant. During transplant a patient’s ability to fight infection decreases. A child who has a cavity can develop an infection. This can seriously complicate transplant.
  • Dental exams for patients having head and neck radiation. Radiation to the head affects how well the salivary glands work. Saliva washes away bacteria in the mouth. If the mouth does not make enough saliva, it can lead to tooth decay and infection.
  • Emergency care for all oral problems

Clinical research


  • St. Jude staff and community education
  • Consults with community dentists

Your Dental Clinic team

The Dental Clinic has a team of highly trained dentists and dental technicians. The team includes board-certified pediatric dentists, oral surgeons, and general dentistry experts. They have extensive experience in managing the dental issues of seriously ill children.

Learn more

The Dental Clinic is on the first floor of the Patient Care Center at the south end. To reach the clinic, call 901-595-3622.