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Grief and Bereavement Support: Volunteer Opportunities

Some parents and caregivers who have experienced the death of their children give their time to help the hospital and other parents who are grieving. If you would like to volunteer in this way, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has opportunities for you.

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Get involved with grief and bereavement support

St. Jude Legacy Voice
Legacy Voice is a group of St. Jude parents who take online surveys to provide feedback. We use their input to help us improve end-of-life and bereavement care. You may join the group at any time.

Other volunteer opportunities
We have several volunteer programs for parents and caregivers who have lost their children. We respectfully ask that bereaved family members wait 2 or more years before applying for these programs. We choose volunteers based on their interests, time, skills, and program needs.

Stay in Touch program
Through the Stay in Touch program, trained parents and caregivers contact newly bereaved parents to offer support and information about St. Jude resources. Stay in Touch mentors share parents’ needs with St. Jude staff. They also identify support opportunities.

Bereaved Parent Mentor program
St. Jude parents and caregivers mentor other parents and caregivers who are newly bereaved or whose children are receiving end-of-life care. Through our Parent Mentor programs, parents act as mentors, drawing on their own experiences to help others.

Parent advisers as educators
Parent advisers use their personal experiences to educate health care providers, family caregivers, and others to improve patient care.

Ad hoc advisers
Many St. Jude parent volunteers prefer to help on an “as-needed” basis. For example, we may ask you to offer your perspective on a temporary committee or help with short-term projects.