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Physician / Patient Referral Office


The Physician / Patient Referral Office (PPRO) at St. Jude supports all referring physicians, before, during and after they refer a patient. It also provides critical support to families, friends and general public seeking treatment for a child at St. Jude.

Our services include:

  • Support of referring physicians and health care professionals seeking referrals or consultations with St. Jude faculty
  • Coordination of physician-to-physician communication between St. Jude faculty and referring physicians
  • Facilitation of updates to referring physicians after patients have been accepted for treatment or consultation at St. Jude
  • Help for parents and families seeking treatment in understanding the St. Jude referral process
  • Delivery of a seamless referral service
  • Development of policies and procedures to enhance communication to the referral community
  • Organize personal visits to referring physician office
  • Increase awareness of St. Jude services at local, regional and national medical meetings

Contact the Physician / Patient Referral Office to Refer a Child to St. Jude

To be accepted at St. Jude, children must be eligible for one of our open clinical trials or meet one of the additional criteria listed below. They must also be referred by a physician or qualified medical professional.

Requirements for acceptance to a St. Jude clinical trial include:

  • Age range
  • Type and stage of disease
  • Other medical criteria including organ function, blood values, performance scores, etc.

Some trials only accept children if they have not yet begun treatment.


24-hour pager:



  • Tracy Dodd


    • Director, Physician / Patient Referral Services
  • Vicki Maness


    • Manager, Physician / Patient Referral Services
  • Lidia Baizabal


    • Physician / Patient Referral Representative
  • Berenice Gutierrez


    • Physician / Patient Referral Representative
  • Nicole Monterrosa


    • Physician / Patient Referral Representative
  • Briana Reynolds


    • Sr. Administrative Assistant