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Clinical Trials Results

Review results of recent St. Jude clinical trials

Clinical trials are a type of scientific research. They can help scientists learn about diseases and treatments in people. Patients who take part in our clinical trials, and their families, should have access to the results of that research. 

Research often takes a long time, so many years may pass before results are known. 

Learn more about taking part in clinical research >

Study results are often published in scientific and medical journals. St. Jude or another organization may also publish a notice about the results. If your clinical trial is not listed here, the study results may not yet be available. Be sure and check back later. After study results are published, the summaries will be posted here.

We offer our patients a simple summary that shows what we learned from the study. You can also ask your doctor or research participant advocate about the study. To reach the advocate, call 901-595-4644. If you are outside the Memphis area, dial 1-866-JUDE IRB (1-866-583-3472).

Each summary includes the name of the study, why the study was done, when the study took place and what we learned. It also gives details on the next research steps, how the study affected your child and where to learn more.

View recent clinical trial results below:

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  2. Sickle Cell Disease Clinical Trials