Genetics and Genomics Clinical Trials

St. Jude Clinical Trials

LiSTENING: Learning in Story: Elicited Narrative Informs Navigating Genetics


This is a non-therapeutic clinical trial open to St. Jude patients only.

Participants have been pre-identified by the primary care team as an English-speaking, four-member family unit diagnosed with TP53 mutation.

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PG4KDS: Clinical Implementation of Pharmacogenetics


This is a non-therapeutic clinical trial that is only open to St. Jude patients

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SJFAMILY: Study of Cancer in Families

Familial Investigations of Childhood Cancer Predisposition

Diseases Treated:

Non-therapeutic clinical trial


This is a non-therapeutic clinical trial that is open to children and adults with familial cancer and to their eligible family members.

Note: This is a research study and is not meant to be a substitute for clinical genetic testing. Families may never receive results from the study or may receive results many years from the time they enroll. If you are interested in clinical testing, please consider seeing a local genetic counselor or other genetics professional. If you have already had clinical genetic testing and meet eligibility criteria for the SJFAMILY study, you may enroll regardless of the results of your clinical genetic testing.

In this research study, the definition of “Familial Cancer” is met if any of the following is present:

  • An individual and at least one first, second or third degree relative, each with a history of cancer diagnosed under 50 years of age; OR
  • An individual under 50 years of age with more than one cancers; OR
  • An individual with a clinical or molecular diagnosis of a known cancer predisposition syndrome

Eligible individuals include:

  • An individual who meets the definition of “Familial Cancer,” as above
  • Blood relatives of the above individual with familial cancer, who are affected or unaffected by cancer
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HSESID: Database for HLH Immunodeficiency Disease

A Registry for Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH)


  • Diagnosis of a primary immunodeficiency predisposed to hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
  • Meets at least 4 of 8 diagnostic criteria for HLH as defined by the Histiocyte Society and is receiving HLH-directed therapy
  • High suspicion of isolated Central Nervous System-HLH and is receiving HLH-directed therapy
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