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FLUTRAN: Flu Vaccine Dose Comparison in Children Who Have Had Stem Cell Transplants

Comparison of High vs. Standard Dose Flu Vaccine in Pediatric Stem Cell Transplant Recipients

Diseases Treated:



  • At least 3 years old and younger than 17
  • Allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipient
  • At least 3 and not more than 35 months after transplant
  • Platelet count of at least 30,000
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SENDAI: A Phase I Study of Unmodified Live Intranasal Sendai Virus Vaccine in Children and Toddlers: Assessment of Safety and Immunogenicity


  • Child is greater than or equal to twelve (12) months and less than twenty-four (24) months.
  • Child has adequate blood, liver and kidney function.
  • Child has no history of lung disease, asthma, and hospitalization for respiratory illness, immunodeficiency, sickle cell disease, or any other serious underlying condition.
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