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COVID-19 Pediatric Vaccine Studies 


Thank you for your interest in this vaccine trial. We have received an overwhelming response from parents and have now filled all available slots.


St. Jude is planning to participate in clinical trials to test COVID-19 prevention vaccines in healthy children. There is no cost to participate in the studies.

The proposed trials target children under 12 years of age and involve the use of COVID-19 vaccines that are being used in adults under the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). 

Children in the studies will be randomly assigned to receive either the vaccine or a placebo shot. A placebo is a shot containing a liquid with no active ingredients. After approximately 6 months, the placebo group will be offered the study vaccine. 

The vaccines do not contain the virus that causes COVID-19.  Children will not be exposed to COVID-19 as part of these studies.

Is my child eligible?

Children may qualify for one of these clinical trials if they are:

  • Between 6 months old and 12 years old
  • In good health
  • Have not received a prior COVID-19 vaccine

If the studies expand eligibility to include additional age groups in the future, we will update that information here.

To see if a study is a good fit for your child, please complete this form. Someone from the study team will contact you once the trials begin enrolling to get more information and answer any questions you may have.

Should I let my child participate?

We encourage you to have conversations with family, caregivers, doctors and the study team about taking part in a COVID-19 vaccine study and whether it is the right decision for your child. If you decide to have your child participate in one of these studies, you can change your mind later at any time.

During the studies

The study team will give all participants a COVID-19 test by inserting a cotton swab into their nose. The team will also take blood samples to see if they already have any COVID-19 antibodies in their system.

After the vaccine shots are given, we will ask you and/or your child to keep a diary to track how your child is feeling. This will help us document any side effects. 

After the studies

We will share the results of both clinical trials with participants and the community. We do not share the names of study participants.