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Immunodeficiency Diseases Treatment

St. Jude provides outstanding treatment and care for children with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID) and other primary immunodeficiency diseases.

Children who often get infections may need to be checked for immune system problems called primary immunodeficiency diseases. These are genetic disorders that can be passed down in families. St. Jude treats patients with severe combined immunodeficiency disease, Wiscott-Aldrich syndrome and other primary immunodeficiencies.

We also treat patients with acquired immunodeficiency disorders caused by diseases or other infections such as HIV. For more information visit Infectious Diseases Treatment.

Focus on severe combined immunodeficiency 

St. Jude conducts research and provides clinical care for children with severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), a primary immunodeficiency also known as “bubble boy disease.” We are also expanding research and treatment for patients with related diseases such as Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome.

Immunodeficiency diseases team

Mike Meagher, PhD; Ewelina Mamcarz, MD; Jay Lieberman, MD; and Brian Sorrentino, MD.

St. Jude has experts in bone marrow and stem cell transplantation, gene therapy and immunology who specialize in primary immunodeficiency diseases. 

Collaborative centers and resources

St. Jude is a member of the Primary Immune Deficiency Treatment Consortium (PIDTC). This group of collaborating centers aims to improve outcomes for patients with rare, inherited immune system disorders.

Explore PIDTC resources to learn more about these disorders.

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