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St. Jude MyChart Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Epic is one of the largest providers of health information technology in the U.S. St. Jude uses Epic to access, organize, store, and share electronic health records. 

  2. An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital record of all your health information. An EHR may include details such as your age, diagnosis, medicines, clinic summaries, allergies, shot records, patient education, and test results. Epic is the new St. Jude EHR. 

  3. St. Jude leaders visited children’s hospitals across the U.S. to look at electronic health records. The team decided that Epic could help improve the patient experience and support the hospital’s future research and clinical needs. 

  4. The St. Jude Cerner portal (My St. Jude) stopped receiving new medical information on October 1, 2022. You can access the Cerner portal until November 1, 2022. After that day, you will no longer be able to access your Cerner portal account. 

    Medical information from visits or admissions that occurred between April 5, 2021, and September 30, 2022, will be in St. Jude MyChart.  

    Before the Cerner portal closes, you may want to download medical information from visits or admissions that occurred before April 5, 2021. Such documents may include: 

    • ACT treatment summaries
    • PKGEN letters
    • TOP treatment summary
    • Genetic Predisposition Clinic notes
    • St. Jude LIFE documents
    • Psychological and neuropsychological reports  
    • Discharge Summary

    How to save medical information from the Cerner Patient Portal (My St. Jude):

    1. Log in at
    2. Click “Medical Record” on the top menu bar.
    image of an online menu

    3. Click “Documents” on the left menu bar.

    image of online menu

    4. From the list of documents, click “download” on any item you wish to keep.
    5. You have successfully downloaded a document to your device. If you did not choose a location to save it to, it is likely in your “downloads” folder.

    For Lab Results, use the blue printer icon on the top right side of the page to print. Most devices have a “print to pdf” or “print to save” feature, which will allow you to download and save information.

    image of computer screen

    St. Jude can always give you a copy of your or your child’s medical record. You can request records from the St. Jude Health Information Management Service (HIMS) at any time by calling 901-595-3680 or by using the Medical Record Request Form in MyChart. Not all historical details moved into MyChart. But your care team has access to all your child’s health information.

  5. Yes. Your care team will have full access to your child’s past treatment and medical history.

  6. A proxy is someone who represents another person. Caregivers can be given proxy access in St. Jude MyChart. Proxy access allows you to view the patient’s health records and to communicate with the medical team. Proxy access can be set up at registration.

  7. When your child turns 14, they can set up a St. Jude MyChart account and begin to navigate their health records alongside their caregivers. We encourage teens to take part in their medical care. This will help your child learn about their care. Most patients will begin to manage their own accounts beginning at age 18.

  8. Patients can activate their own MyChart account at age 14. They may use St. Jude MyChart to schedule appointments, ask questions, and get information. When they turn 18, they will have their own St. Jude MyChart account. A patient may then grant proxy access to their caregivers. St. Jude staff can help your child grant this access.

  9. Both. St. Jude MyChart and the Our St. Jude patient app work together to provide information to you and your family. After you create a login for St. Jude MyChart, you use that same login for Our St. Jude.

  10. St. Jude MyChart is an app made by Epic to help you access your child’s health record. Our St. Jude is an app that gives you information about travel arrangements, housing reservations, social events, wayfinding maps, and more.

  11. This tool is offered only while your child is admitted as an inpatient in the hospital. St. Jude MyChart Bedside will be loaded on a tablet in your hospital room or through your MyChart app. St. Jude MyChart Bedside allows you to see scheduled tests or medications, order food, communicate with your health care team, and more.

  12. Yes. The Happy Together feature lets you connect your health records from other health care facilities to your St. Jude MyChart account. You can see your allergies, health history, medications, messages, test results, appointments, and other details all in one place. You will have one login for all your records. Visit to see which organizations use Happy Together.

  13. St. Jude MyChart offers many exciting benefits for you and your family. But, it may take a short time for St. Jude staff to master the new system. Please be patient with your team as they learn the new processes. 

  14. You may notice that some appointment names will change in the new system. Your schedule will include the location of each appointment. If you have questions about appointment types, please ask your clinical care team.

  15. No. St. Jude MyChart has a message center you can use to send routine messages to your health care team. But never use St. Jude MyChart for medical emergencies or urgent situations. 

    For urgent medical needs, call your doctor or 911 right away or go to an Emergency Room.  

  16. New patients must go to central Registration first.

    For existing patients:

    • If your first appointment of the day is in your primary clinic or Diagnostic Imaging, you may register with the patient rep at your clinic. They will issue your armband. 

    • If your first appointment for the day is with Pre-Clinic Assessment or an ancillary clinic or department, please register at central Registration.   

    • If your first appointment of the day is in housing Pre-Clinic Assessment, you will register and get your armband there.

  17. No, your child’s MRN (medical record number) remains the same. 

  18. If you grant access, providers in other organizations can access your St. Jude health information. They can also share information with St. Jude. This ensures that providers can meet your needs quickly and safely.

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