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Patient Family-Centered Care Champion Award Winners

Previous Partners in Excellence Winners

portrait of Jim Mobley

Jim Mobley (2020)

Patient Relations

Diane McGarry (2019)

Diane McGarry (2019)

Patient Experience

Sara Federico, MD

Sara Federico, MD (2018)


Partners in Excellence 2017 Winners group photo

Multiple Winners (2017)

All six of our 2017 Champion Award Winners were recognized as Partner’s in Excellence.  We congratulate Lisa Franklin, Dana McLure, Vilma Carnahan, Janet Giordano, Brittany Cochran, and Michael Vetro for their contributions.




Ray Bunker

Ray Bunker (2016)

Facilities Design and Construction

John Curran

John Curran (2015)

Facilities Design and Construction

Kathryn Berry-Carter

Kathryn Berry-Carter (2014)

Family, Guest and Volunteer Services

Miss Penny Tramontozzi

Miss Penny Tramontozzi (2013)

Volunteer Services

Justin Baker, MD

Justin Baker, MD (2012)




Previous Champions of Patient Family-Centered Care


Penny Beckham
Dr. Michael Bishop
Emily Browne
Dr. Jamie Flerlage
Caron Byrd
Lou Ann Griffin
Sue Lynn
Dr. Kendra Parris
Kasey Wyrick



Traci Adams
Kristin Canavera
Hubert Cole
Wanda Griffin
Jacqueline Jerry
Jermarra Jones-Price
Lilora Kearney
Lorena Loa-Martinez
Jim Mobley
Dr. Ray Morrison
Barron Newman
Brendan O’Reilly
MRI Technologists: Kendri Herring, Mary Jo Freeman, Devon Taylor, Sandi Staten, Rozalon Shipp, Annie Pindell, Khristina Hidalgo, Carlos Gray, Nathan O’Conner, Diana Storment, Elisha Gourley, and Kelcie Willis



Melvin Becton
Leah Brooks
Lisa Clark
Marquis Edwards
Jennifer Fradella
Graylon Holloway
Diane McGarry
Kimberly Michael
Brittney Newman
Dr. Ibrahim Qaddoumi
Diane Roberts
Christopher Thomas
Maricarmen Windisch



Kimberly Russell
Victoria Willard
Reggie Graham
Dr. Victor Santana
Amanda Brody
Dr. Sara Federico
Erma Davis
AV Team
Margery Johnson
Kimberly Foster



Brittany Cochran
Michael Vetro
Lisa Franklin
Dana McLure
Vilma Carnahan
Angela Eftink
Sherry Johnson
Ray Bunker



Debra Cherry
Regina Simmons
Dr. Kip Guy
Janice English
Jennifer Smith
Amy Scott
Jennifer Windham
Cheri Wilkerson
Crystal Melloh
Yvonne Carroll
Kathy Steuer
John Bailey
Aundrea Ellis
Barbara Joyner



Clark Gwaltney
Darlene Quarles
Dr. William Evans
Barbara David
Judy Hicks
Laurie Leigh
JoAnne Jackson
Shane Cross
Wendy Pierce
Scott Perry
Traci Adams
Morgan Hayes



Brent Powell
Kathryn Berry-Carter
Dr. Jeff Rubnitz
Penny Tramontozi
John Curran
Miles McMath
Dr. Justin Baker
Lynda Lacher
Brin Schaechtel
Jerry Lampen
Leah Brooks
Nikki Branch
Pam Dotson



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The St. Jude Family Advisory Council (FAC) recognizes hospital staff whose actions and attitude promotes and supports Patient Family-Centered Care (PFCC). Nominate a staff member here.

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