Patient Family-Centered Care Champion Award

Honoring staff who practice patient family-centered care

The St. Jude Family Advisory Council (FAC) recognizes hospital staff whose actions and attitude promotes and supports Patient Family-Centered Care (PFCC). They put a "face" on the core concepts, values and philosophy of PFCC. Nominees for an award may include direct care, staff as well as administrative, support, research and service employees. Any employee who exhibits the core concepts of PFCC will be considered for these awards.

The philosophy of PFCC shapes policies, programs, facility design, and the quality and safety of patient care. PFCC leads to better health outcomes, wiser allocation of resources, and greater patient and family satisfaction. PFCC emphases respectful partnerships between patients, families, staff and health care leaders. St. Jude has been totally committed as a PFCC facility since 2008.

It’s all about getting better, doing the right thing, and providing the best possible care.

Staff recognized at Breakfast of Champions

The FAC recognize St. Jude staff members who exemplify the concepts of PFCC in their area of work and beyond by honoring them at a breakfast held twice yearly.

These exceptional individuals are employees who:

  • Actively recommend potential family members to become PFCC advisers
  • Support PFCC initiatives by providing exceptional support through technology, services or other means
  • Embrace and demonstrate the core concepts of PFCC on a regular basis
  • Go above and beyond in improving the quality of the patient experience

Select Champions honored as Partner in Excellence

The annual Partner in Excellence is typically selected from previous PFCC Champions. It is a staff member whose work with patient families provides a basis for long-lasting partnership and growth of the PFCC program.

The FAC selects the Partner in Excellence, who is acknowledged at an annual celebratory event.

Nominate a staff member for a PFCC Champion award

Nominations are accepted throughout the year for the PFCC Breakfast of Champions, which occurs each Spring and Fall. 

Complete an Online Nomination Form