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Support for Siblings of St. Jude Patients

When your child or teenager has a serious illness, it affects the whole family. This includes the patient’s siblings (brothers and sisters). Helping siblings is an important part of patient family-centered care at St. Jude.

Siblings of a St. Jude patient can face many challenges. These include long separations from the patient or a parent, visits to an unfamiliar hospital, and changes in routines. The St. Jude child life specialists are here to help siblings cope with these challenges.

Child life specialists can help siblings:

  • Learn about the patient’s illness and treatment
  • Prepare for medical procedures that the patient might have or that siblings might have to help the patient (for example, donating bone marrow to the patient)
  • Tour the hospital
  • Get to know other children their age
  • Stay in touch with their brother or sister in the hospital
  • Cope with feelings
  • Feel like they are still an important part of the family.

More information for parents and caregivers of siblings of St. Jude patients: