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International Pediatric Adrenocortical Tumors Registry (IPACTR)

We help parents, researchers and health care providers better understand pediatric adrenocortical tumors.

At St. Jude, we have a team of doctors and researchers dedicated to treating and learning about adrenocortical tumors, also known as adrenal cortex tumors. It is a rare cancer that develops on the adrenal glands.

We help parents, patients and health care providers better understand pediatric adrenocortical tumors, including signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and how genetics is involved.

We developed the International Pediatric Adrenocortical Tumor Registry (IPACTR) to help increase our knowledge of the disease and how best to care for patients and their families. Through the registry, we collect family medical history of children and adolescents with adrenocortical tumors. We also perform laboratory tests of tumor and blood samples of patients and their relatives. This helps us learn more about the disease, how it develops, its treatments and survival of patients with this rare disease.

We provide more information about IPACTR for patient and family members, health care providers and researchers throughout this site. We encourage you to contact us

Researchers studying adrenocortical tumors in the lab

Learn about adrenocortical tumors, including common symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. St. Jude specializes in treating and understanding the disease in children and young adults.

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A person completing the IPACTR referral application

St. Jude works with other institutions to learn about adrenocortical tumors. Learn how you can participate in the International Pediatric Adrenocortical Tumor Registry (IPACTR).

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