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Adrenocortical Tumors:
For Clinicians & Researchers


At St. Jude, our physicians and researchers have experience and expertise in treating and learning about adrenocortical tumors (ACT). We provide clinical and research information on ACT to health care providers and scientific colleagues.

IPACTR physicians and researchers

You will find general disease information, signs and symptoms, and diagnosis and treatment options for ACT. This section also provides information about genetics and molecular aspects of the disease. We encourage patients with ACT and their physicians to contact us for further discussion about their cases.

In addition, St. Jude conducts the International Pediatric Adrenocortical Tumor Registry (IPACTR), a clinical research study that collects detailed clinical, demographic, family history of cancer, and outcome data in children and adolescents with adrenocortical tumors. The study also helps us learn about the clinical and epidemiological aspects, treatment modalities and outcome of patients with this rare disease around the world. IPACTR examines tumor and blood samples of patients and their relatives to improve the understanding of the biology and clinical characteristics of this rare tumor. It is our hope that by understanding the natural history and mechanism of this tumor, more effective treatment will be implemented.