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PAINBDY1: Treating Pain in Children with Cancer: Pain Buddy

About this study

This is a study to help us understand how often children have pain and symptoms during cancer treatment. We also want to find out the best ways to manage those symptoms.

Studies have shown that computers, smart phones and other types of technology can help patients manage pain and symptoms.

In this study, you will download an app called Pain Buddy. This app asks questions about quality of life, pain and other symptoms. Doctors will use the information to help treat these symptoms.

You or your child may not benefit from participating in this study. However, what we learn from the study may benefit other patients in the future.

Eligibility overview

  • 8 to 18 years old
  • Within 16 weeks of initial cancer diagnosis
  • Currently undergoing outpatient treatment for cancer
  • Speak, read and write English. Parents who can speak, read, and write in English and Spanish.
  • Have Internet access

The above information is intended to provide only a basic description about a research protocol that may be currently active at St. Jude. The details made available here may not be the most up-to-date information on protocols used by St. Jude. To receive full details about a protocol and its status and or use at St. Jude, a physician must contact St. Jude directly.


Full title:

Mobile Technology to Improve Pain and Symptoms in Children With Cancer

Study goal:

The main goal of this research study is to help us learn how to better treat pain and symptoms in children going through chemotherapy cancer treatment.


8 to 18 years old

For physicians and researchers

Patients accepted to St. Jude must be referred by a physician or other qualified medical professional. Learn how St. Jude can partner with you to care for your patient.


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