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Parking and Construction

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital offers a variety of parking, shuttle, and transport options to help you go to and from your child’s appointments.

Aerial view of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Campus construction is affecting parking and hospital access. Please check this page often for updates.
Details about parking and construction are also offered on the Our St. Jude Patient app.


Construction updates

Two 15-story buildings are under construction on campus. They will house outpatient clinics and offices. The new buildings are between the Chili’s Care Center and North 3rd Street.

You should avoid walking or standing outside near the work sites. Construction and demolition create dust. The dust poses a risk to patients. For your child’s safety, please:

  • Use the shuttle instead of walking on campus.
  • Use the valet service if you drive to campus.
  • Limit time outdoors.
  • Make sure your child wears a mask whenever they are outside on campus.

Air quality will change during construction. Guidelines will be updated as needed to protect patients, families, and staff. 

The building construction will take several years. It will benefit patients for years to come. Thank you for your help and patience as we make St. Jude an even better place for our patients, families, and staff.

Entering the hospital

Due to construction, all patients must now enter the hospital campus through the North Lauderdale Street gate. Click on the Google Map to get directions to the North Lauderdale Street gate, located near 332 North Lauderdale Street, Memphis, TN 38105 . By selecting the “directions” option in the menu, you can enter your current location and get directions to this gate.

The hospital’s main entrance for patients and families is the Patient Care Center (PCC). The PCC main entrance is always open, including nights, weekends, and holidays. The entrance is for all patients, including isolation patients.

If you arrive by shuttle, you will enter the hospital through the shuttle entrance with the red awning. This entrance is on the south side of the Danny Thomas Research Center.

  • Walking paths to each entrance are marked with colored decals.
  • The entrance to the Chili’s Care Center will be closed during construction.

Learn more about Visitors and Security.

Patient-only entrance

Other changes for patients and families

Valet service

If you drive to campus, please use the free valet service whenever possible, or park in marked patient parking. The circle drive in front of the Patient Care Center (PCC) is open for valet drop-off and isolation patients. There is no short-term parking in the valet area.

Valet service hours are Monday–Friday, 5:30 a.m.–11 p.m. To use the valet service:

  • Enter the campus through the North Lauderdale Street entrance. 
  • Drive to the valet service located in front of the PCC.
  • Drop off your car with the valet. 
  • Pick up your car from the valet staff when you are ready to leave. Only valet staff may enter the reserved lot to get your car.
  • If you need to get your car after valet hours, request your key from the security officer at the PCC entrance. They will direct you to your car.


You may park your vehicle on campus, but you need to get a parking tag. Tags are available from security at the PCC and Target House. You will need to give your license plate number. The tag is valid for 6 months.

For patients and families who drive and do not use the valet service, parking is offered in 3 lots near the PCC. Reserved spaces are also offered on the ground level of parking garage 1. To reach the parking lots:

  • Enter through the North Lauderdale gate.
  • Take the first right.
  • The parking lots are on your right. Look for the signs.

After you park, follow the signs to enter the hospital through the PCC main entrance. You can also enter through the shuttle entrance on the south side of the Danny Thomas Research Center. Look for the red awning.

You can load or unload your car at the PCC valet entrance when you drop off or pick up your car. If you self-park, pull up to the PCC main entrance (past the valet area) to load or unload your vehicle.

Remember: There is no short-term parking in the valet area. Do not leave your car unattended.  

For your safety, there is a security call station in the Tri Delta parking lot, as well as call stations at our pedestrian gates.  There are also call stations inside of the parking garages and by the parking garage elevators. If you need help at any time, day or night, push the button on the call station. You can also push the call button to reach Security for non-emergency stations such as:

  • Your child or you feel suddenly sick 
  • You have a problem with your vehicle or are locked out of your vehicle
  • You see something suspicious 
  • You need a ride to a building 
  • You would like a security officer to walk with you after dark 

Tri Delta Place parking

Tri Delta Place has its own parking lot:

  • This parking lot is only for families staying at Tri Delta Place.
  • Use the Jackson Avenue gate entrance between Tri Delta Place and the Barry-Longinotti Building. The gate at Overton Street and 3rd Street is closed during construction.
  • Families will be issued a parking pass at Tri Delta Place for entry. Pick up the pass at the Tri Delta Place front desk. 

Handicapped parking

Handicapped parking is available in the patient parking near the PCC entrance. Enter through the North Lauderdale gate.


St. Jude shuttles are offered for patient families. Parking on campus is limited. Please use the shuttle to travel to the hospital from St. Jude housing. Visit our shuttle web page for more information, including the schedule.

  • Shuttle service operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week. For those coming from housing after 11 p.m., call Transportation Dispatch at 901-595-4856 for shuttle service.
  • The pick-up and drop-off location on campus will be at the shuttle entrance with the red awning on the south side of the Danny Thomas Research Center. Between 11 p.m.–5:30 a.m., pick-up and drop-off is at the PCC.
  • A covered walkway and benches have been added for your convenience.
  • If your child is in isolation, please schedule your shuttle ride with Patient Services at 901-595-4501. Do not take the regular St. Jude shuttle. Shuttles for isolation patients pick up and drop off at the Patient Care Center (PCC) entrance.

Special transport requests

If a patient has urgent, acute needs after regular St. Jude hours, and requires an unscheduled visit, they should call the Infusion Center at 901-595-2441 before going there.

  • The Infusion Center will assess the patient’s needs.
  • If the patient is told to come to the Infusion Center, the nurse can set up transportation for the patient.
  • After hours, patients who do not have an emergency can also call Transportation Dispatch, 901-595-4856, for transportation.
  • If the situation is an emergency, the Infusion Center may advise that a patient go directly to a local hospital emergency room.
  • Note that St. Jude does not have an emergency room.
  • Patients should arrange their transportation to the emergency room themselves or call 911.

If your child is in isolation, do not take the regular St. Jude shuttles. Please schedule your shuttle ride with Patient Services at 901-595-4501. 

Other construction updates

ALSAC Gift Shop

  • The ALSAC Gift Shop has moved to the ALSAC Tamer-Rashid Building.
  • The entrance is to the right of the main ALSAC building entrance. 
  • Online ordering is also available.

Learn more