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St. Jude MyChart User Guide - Visits

View your child's past or upcoming appointments

You can view your child’s past or future appointments by going to Visits > Appointments and Visits.

Select a scheduled future appointment or click Details to see:

  • The date, time, and location of the visit
  • Any pre-visit instructions from the clinic
  • Directions to your child’s clinic

For past appointments, you can click View After Visit Summary to see a summary of the care you received during your child’s visit. You can also view any of your doctor's visit notes that are shared with you by clicking View notes.

Request or schedule an appointment

To request or schedule an appointment, go to Visits > Schedule an Appointment. Depending on the reason for scheduling or type of appointment you choose, you will be directed to the Request an Appointment or Schedule an Appointment page.

  • When you schedule an appointment, you make the appointment yourself and do not need to wait to hear back from the clinic. After verifying your demographics and insurance information, you can choose a location and enter preferred dates and times. Pick an appointment from the list of available times to schedule it.
  • When you send an appointment request, you are asked to enter the name of the provider you want to see, the reason for the visit, preferred dates and times, and reasons why you want the appointment. After you submit your request, someone from the clinic will contact you with an appointment date and time.

If you do not find the appointment date or time you want when you schedule an appointment, you can add yourself to the wait list. St. Jude will let you know if earlier appointment times become available. Wait list options are available during scheduling and after you have scheduled. To see wait list options, click Details for an appointment from the Upcoming Visits list.

You can also favorite an appointment to make it easy to schedule the same type of visit again with the same provider and department.

Cancel an appointment

Depending on the date and time of your child’s next appointment, you might be able to cancel it through St. Jude MyChart. If it is too close to your child’s appointment date or time, you will need to call the clinic to cancel your child’s appointment.

  1. Go to Visits > Appointments and Visits, and select the appointment from the list or click Details
  2. Click Cancel, enter cancellation comments, and click Confirm Cancellation

Receive medical care onlione with an e-visit

If your child’s provider offers e-visits, you can answer a questionnaire about your child’s symptoms and send photos or videos as needed for your provider to review. Your child’s provider can offer medical advice for at-home care or let you know if you should schedule an appointment for treatment. 

To submit information for an e-visit, go to Messaging > Ask a Question and select Symptom-Specific E-Visit

Have a video visit with your child's doctor

You can schedule a video visit to receive care without coming to the hospital or clinic in person. Video visits are scheduled in the same way as other appointments.

If you need care right away, you might be able to use an on-demand video visit to talk to a doctor now rather than scheduling a video visit appointment for later. Go to Visits > Talk to a Doctor to connect with an available provider.

Prepare for your video visit

To ensure a smooth connection, complete the following tasks before your video visit:

  • You can use a web browser on your desktop or a mobile application to start a video visit. Mobile devices are preferred, because most already have a camera and microphone set up for video visits.
  • Make sure you have installed any required browser plug-ins, software, or apps with the most recent updates.

After you have done these things, you can test that everything is working in St. Jude MyChart. Complete this test at least 30 minutes before your video visit start time.

  1. Go to Visits > Appointments and Visits.
  2. Locate the video visit and click Details.
  3. Click Test Hardware to make sure that your camera and microphone are working. Note that this button no longer appears when the option to connect to the video visit becomes available.

Join a scheduled video visit

  1. At least 15 minutes prior to your video visit appointment, log in to the St. Jude MyChart app on your mobile device and tap the Appointments icon on the home screen. 
  2. Your scheduled video visit appears in this list. Tap it to open the details.
  3. Tap eCheck-In to complete the necessary steps before beginning your visit. 
  4. After you have completed eCheck-In, tap Begin Visit to ensure you are able to connect.
  5. If prompted, allow your browser to access your device’s microphone and camera. Then, complete a hardware test to ensure your device camera, microphone and speakers are working. Click Join Call.
  6. If the connection was successful, you will be placed in a virtual waiting room. Your provider will be with you shortly.

Find the nearest urgent care or emergency room

If you need care right away, St. Jude MyChart can help direct you to the nearest urgent care clinic or emergency room. You can see expected wait times to help decide where to go. And you can let that location know you are coming.

Go to Visits > Schedule an Appointment and click Find Care Now.