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Transfer a Patient and Follow Their Care at St. Jude

How to transfer your patient to St. Jude

If your patient meets the eligibility requirements and is accepted, the Physician/Patient Referral Office at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital will send you an acceptance letter. It will include details about:

  • Your patient's acceptance
  • Their expected arrival date
  • Their primary  St. Jude physician 
  • Next steps

The St. Jude care team will provide updates on your patient’s progress. You may also access information through St. Jude Care Everywhere or St. Jude EpicCare Link

How to transfer your patient to a St. Jude affiliate

Some patients may be eligible for treatment at one of our 8 regional affiliate clinics. The St. Jude Affiliate Program is a network of clinics, hospitals, and universities that work closely with St. Jude to provide care and treatment closer to a patient’s home.

To refer a child to a St. Jude affiliate clinic, contact the Physician/Patient Referral Office or call the specific affiliate directly.

St. Jude Care Everywhere or St. Jude EpicCare Link can keep you up to date with your patient’s care at St. Jude.

EpicCare Link frequently asked questions

What to tell your patient

Most St. Jude patients are treated through St. Jude clinical trials. To help them learn about clinical trials, encourage them to read about clinical research.

Before your patient arrives at St. Jude, we will send them information on travel, lodging, and what to expect from the treatment experience.

During their initial visit, or on completion of diagnostic studies, a member of our medical staff will meet with them to:

  • Describe their treatment in detail
  • Answer any questions
  • Obtain informed consent

Although most treatment occurs on an outpatient basis, patients typically must remain in Memphis for their initial therapy. Some may require hospitalization. Some treatment may be given at a St. Jude affiliate. For more details, see Resources for Patients and Families.

After treatment is complete, St. Jude staff will offer the family education and support to ease into adult care or off-therapy care. The Transition Oncology Program and the After Completion of Therapy Clinic are 2 programs that help St. Jude patients transition to life after St. Jude.