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Endocrine Clinic

The Endocrine Clinic at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital treats hormone problems that may result from your child’s illness or treatments.

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The goal of the Endocrine Clinic team is to return the body to the state it was in before illness and treatments. If your child’s body no longer makes certain hormones, we often can give medicines to replace those hormones.

The endocrine system

The body’s endocrine system contains a group of important glands. A few of those glands are thyroid, adrenal, and reproductive. Each gland gives off chemical messengers called hormones. The hormones are released into the bloodstream. These hormones affect almost every body function. They control how your body:

  • Grows
  • Gets and uses fuel
  • Creates offspring
  • Does other things that affect overall health

Most St. Jude patients need endocrine care

Endocrine problems are among the most common health concerns of childhood cancer survivors. Most St. Jude patients have some risk for endocrine problems. They are especially common among brain tumor survivors. The problems may include one or more of these issues:

The good news is that almost every endocrine problem has a treatment.

Services we provide

The Endocrine Clinic team helps to improve the quality of life for your child or teen. The team members can spot problems early so treatment can start right away. Sometimes, the clinic team can prevent problems or begin treatment early when the chances of success are best. 

The clinic provides consults with St. Jude doctors about possible endocrine problems. They help plan treatments and follow up with patients through their time at St. Jude. The Endocrine Clinic also studies long-term endocrine outcomes in all St. Jude patients. 

Your Endocrine Clinic team

The Endocrine Clinic team has the extensive training and experience needed to help discover endocrine problems early and offer the best treatment options. 

Learn more 

Learn more about the Endocrine Clinic by calling 901-595-3824. If you are outside the Memphis area, call toll-free 1-866-278-5833, ext. 3824.