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Transition Skills for Teens with Sickle Cell Disease Moving from Pediatric to Adult Medical Care

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How to Make an Appointment with the Adult Doctor

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How to fill a prescription for medication

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Understanding Health Insurance

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Moving from pediatric (children’s) care to adult care can be one of the hardest changes you will face as a patient with sickle cell disease. Many issues must be considered when moving from a pediatric hematologist (sickle cell doctor) to an adult hematologist. There are many differences between pediatric and adult healthcare.

Parental involvement is expected and encouraged in pediatric healthcare. However, teens must be autonomous in adult healthcare models. St. Jude facilitates transition by providing education and skills to patients and parents from infant/toddler through teen clinic.

Prior to transition, teens need education in basic real-life skills:

  • How to Make an Appointment with the Adult Doctor
  • How to Fill a Prescription
  • How to Read an Insurance Card. 

These educational videos will help teens successfully manage transition from pediatric to adult care. 

These videos were produced by St. Jude Hematology, Psychology, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Social Work, Patient Education and Demo Duck with financial support from St. Jude, ALSAC, and a grant from the LINKS Foundation.  These videos would not have been possible without the generous support and award of the LEGACY grant from Links, Inc. to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.