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St. Jude Care Everywhere

Your St. Jude medical records can now go wherever you do, thanks to Care Everywhere. 

Care Everywhere is a tool in the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system. This tool allows health care providers in the Care Everywhere network to share patient records securely. 

If you tell a hospital or health group in the network that your child is a St. Jude patient, the provider can request access your child’s health information. They can also share information with St. Jude. This ensures that providers can meet your needs quickly and safely. See if your providers belong to the Care Everywhere network.

Care Everywhere Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Care Everywhere lets health care teams at different facilities see the details they need to coordinate the best possible care. Care Everywhere also speeds up the referral process between facilities that use the Epic electronic health record system.

  2. The information shared depends on the organization. The details may include allergies, medicines, medical history, clinic and hospital visits, test results, immunizations, diagnoses, and procedures.

  3. Your child’s health care providers at other facilities will be able to see your child’s information unless you opt out. To opt out, the person signing the St. Jude “General Consent Form for Routine Medical Diagnosis and Treatment and Release of Health Information” form must initial that they “do not want [the patient's] health information shared electronically with other hospitals or health groups through electronic networks.” The health care provider will request access from St. Jude through Care Everywhere. Once the provider has access, it remains in effect unless you revoke (take back) the consent.

  4. With Care Everywhere, the request for information comes from the provider. With Share Everywhere, you can grant access to another health care provider. Through the MyChart menu, you will grant the provider one-time access to your child’s medical information.

  5. If you have had care at another medical facility, let us know. We will check to see if that provider is a member of the Care Everywhere network. Or visit

  6. Tell them that you are a St. Jude patient and that your health record may be available to them electronically. If the provider does not have Epic, they can request access through a system called EpicCare Link.

  7. No. You do not have to pay for this service.

  8. There is no sign-up process for Care Everywhere. The sharing of patient information for treatment purposes is a permitted use of medical information.