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Types of Access to St. Jude MyChart

Below are the types of access to a patient’s health record through St. Jude MyChart. 

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Minor access

Patients ages 14 to 17 may see their medical information by creating their own St. Jude MyChart account. We encourage teens to take part in their medical care. They may use St. Jude MyChart to: 

  • Schedule appointments
  • Ask questions
  • Get information

Legal consenter access

Parents or legal guardians (Legal Consenters) of patients younger than 18 can request access to the patient’s medical information. To do this, they should ask for a Legal Consenter account. We can give this access only to people with:

  • Parental rights
  • Legal custody
  • Guardianship
  • Power of attorney or similar, or 
  • Other rights to access the patient's medical information

If you can have access, St. Jude will activate a separate Legal Consenter St. Jude MyChart account for you. Your legal relationship with the patient might change and affect your authority to access the patient’s health record. If that happens, you or the patient must let us know right away. Call (901) 595-3680 or email 

Under the law, some patients may be able to limit the Legal Consenter’s access to some types of medical information. 

Adult patient access

In most cases, St. Jude ends a Legal Consenter’s account when the patient turns 18. Most patients can manage their own accounts at this age. The patient may allow another person to access their medical information in a separate account. 

Non-consenter access

Sometimes people other than the Legal Consenter may get their own accounts to see part of the patient’s information. These people might include family members, emergency contacts, or caregivers. The Legal Consenter must approve these accounts if the patient does not have adult patient access.

Our St. Jude access only

Sometimes family members or caregivers may need access that does not include patient treatment details. This access is limited to things such as: 

  • Clinical appointments
  • Travel plans
  • Housing reservations

When the Legal Consenter approves, a person may be given access to these details through a mobile app called Our St. Jude.