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About the St. Jude Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center

At St. Jude, we believe that families are essential allies in providing the best physical and psychosocial care for their children. The Linda R. Hajar Family Resource Center is an important element in the family-centered care philosophy followed at St. Jude.

This exceptional place was dedicated January 18, 2003, and named in honor of Linda R. Hajar, who was an avid supporter of St. Jude for over three decades. Mrs. Hajar, together with her husband Paul, a second generation Board member of St. Jude and past Board chairman, co-chaired a fund-raising dinner and auction for 13 years. This event, called “Keep the Magic Alive”, raised $1.5 million dollars for St. Jude, helping our little patients and their families in their cancer journey. For the last eight years of her life, Linda struggled with cancer, losing her battle in October 2001.

What we can offer you

We are here to support you, and provide with a quiet place and most up-to-date and reliable information concerning the diagnosis.

We are inviting you to come, and:

  • Research medical topics dealing with different aspects of cancer
  • Check emails
  • Print documents, make copies, scan and fax
  • Read and checkout children, teen and adults books, as well as books on:
    • General health and parenting
    • Coping with illness
    • Spiritual
    • Support material for caregivers
  • Read and borrow magazines
  • Get documents notarized
  • Just escape a little while and watch the traffic coming and going to the Pavilion and the Patient Care Center.
We have also a variety of material in Spanish and in Braille.

Our 8 computer workstations with printer capabilities can be used for online research. For those who prefer to bring and work on their own device, we offer the possibility to connect to the Internet. Our staff can assist you in navigating resources available online.

All services and materials provided are free of charge.

Hours of operation

We have no doors, so the center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients, families, guests, and staff can visit the center when it is convenient for them. The Center is staffed Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am until 4:30 pm. We are happy to have you here!