The Family Advisory Council

The Family Advisory Council (FAC) is a leadership council working directly with hospital administration to forward the ideals of family centered-care at St. Jude.

When the Family Advisory Council first met in the summer of 2008, the council’s eight parents and five staff members didn’t know what to expect. Now our council members are entrenched in a variety of projects impacting the daily operations of St. Jude. Wherever you look, you’ll find the presence of families helping to shape the experience of care at St. Jude.

Mission Statement

The Family Advisory Council is committed to fostering the mutually beneficial partnership of patients, families and healthcare providers in creating informed, respectful, safe and effective quality of care.

Roles of FAC members

Council members assist the organization in many ways, including:

  • Providing feedback and approval on projects and initiatives presented at monthly meetings
  • Participating as full members on institutional committees and projects, consistently infusing the family perspective into discussions and decision-making
  • Helping create and edit patient and family education and communication materials, both written and visual
  • Helping design and plan patient care areas and new programs
  • Generating new program ideas to benefit patients, family members, and staff
  • Designing council-specific initiatives to support the council’s infrastructure
  • Co-submitting abstracts and co-presenting at conferences

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