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Patient Family-Centered Care Volunteer Opportunities

Patient families are often interested in volunteering so that they can give back to the St. Jude community. We have many places throughout St. Jude in which our patient families can support, serve, and help others.

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As a patient family-centered care (PFCC) volunteer, you may help in many ways. How you can help depends on your unique experiences at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It also depends on the amount of time you can offer. Whether you can offer an afternoon or can commit to a monthly meeting, we have a way for you to join our efforts.

Caregiver support volunteer opportunities

Information Table

The Information Table is a chance to meet caregivers from the Patient Family -Centered Care Program (PFCC) to learn more about partnership opportunities.

The PFCC team and Patient Family Advisory Council believe that patients, families, and the health care team should work together. As partners, they can create policies, develop programs, implement changes, and evaluate their work as it relates to facility design, professional education, and delivery of care.

The Information Table events offer free goodies, PFCC information, and a chance to sign up to join St. Jude Voice, our virtual advisory council.

If you would like to attend an Information Table, watch the events section of the patient app, Our St. Jude. These events take place in the Family Commons.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program matches family caregivers of past patients with new families. The program also matches newly bereaved caregivers with mentors who have experienced the death of a child.


Mentors are family caregivers of a patient who is at least 1 year off treatment. Mentors guide newly diagnosed families, families who are new to St. Jude, or families who are switching clinics. Mentors are matched with mentees for at least 12 weeks.

Mentors provide support, encouragement, and insight to help families throughout their treatment journey. Mentors draw on their own experiences to provide a connection to those adjusting to a new way of life in the hospital or at home.

Quality of Life mentors

Quality of Life (QoL) mentors are family caregivers who lost a child at least 2 years before becoming a mentor. They help guide caregivers of patients facing end of life. They also help caregivers of children who have died. Mentors are matched with mentees for at least 15 months.

Hematology mentors

Mentors in the Hematology Clinic are family caregivers of a patient with a blood disease or condition. They will be matched with caregivers of children with similar diagnoses. Hematology Clinic mentors are matched with mentees for at least 15 months.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mentor Program, please email

Caregiver-to-staff volunteer opportunities

Patient Family Advisory Council

The Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) is the oversight board of the St. Jude PFCC Program. The PFAC consists of patients and family caregivers, known as advisers, and staff members. They meet many times throughout the year to guide PFCC programming and related adviser roles.

The PFAC works from a strategic plan created by the advisers. It supports the St. Jude strategic plan. The PFAC reviews the projects, goals, and outcomes of its steering councils and other working groups. They make sure that patient families play a role in improving clinical care, education, information sharing, and transition of care, as well as advancing PFCC culture and facilities planning.

Hospital committees and steering councils 

Serving on a St. Jude hospital committee or steering council gives PFCC advisers the chance to work alongside St. Jude staff. Together, they can share the caregiver perspective. Adviser members are placed in this role based on the committee or steering council’s varied requirements and the adviser’s related experience.

Each steering council has a staff and caregiver co-leadership structure. These leaders also serve on the Patient Family Advisory Council to ensure two-way communication.

The length of time an adviser would spend in this role depends on the committee’s membership guidelines. Examples of committees and steering councils include:

Becoming a hospital committee and steering council volunteer

Potential committee volunteers must complete the PFCC application and onboarding process. The staff will provide further training based on your specific role with PFCC. Training may be onsite or virtual. Some committees will require you to be onsite to take part. Others may have options to join over the phone or online.

St. Jude Voice, our virtual adviser council 

St. Jude family caregivers and patients can join St. Jude Voice, our virtual adviser council, if they are 18 or older. Virtual communities allow patients and caregivers to give feedback about their experiences.

Members receive a few short surveys every month. Feedback is shared directly with staff members as they work to improve the hospital. You can take part in these surveys anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet access.

Taking part in St. Jude Voice is a great way to give back to St. Jude because your voice is important to us. Learn more about St. Jude Voice.

Learn more

To learn more about any of the PFCC volunteer opportunities, email or call 901-595-3327.