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St. Jude Voice, our Virtual Adviser Community

St. Jude Voice is an online advisory community for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Through St. Jude Voice, parents and caregivers share their perspectives about the hospital using surveys, forums, and other online activities. Those taking part can also keep up with the latest St. Jude news through posts, newsletters, articles, and videos featured on the website.

St. Jude Voice engages members through staff-designed surveys. The surveys request feedback from the people who know St. Jude best—our patient families. The online setting is helpful for patient family members who want to share their viewpoints but have time constraints or live outside of the Memphis area.

St. Jude Voice Volunteers holding signs that read "St. Jude Wants to Hear Your Voice"

Who should join St. Jude Voice?

St. Jude Voice is hosted on a protected site where only invited members can take part. At this time, St. Jude Voice is accepting applications from all St. Jude parents and caregivers who are 18 or older. Currently, we are not accepting applications from current or former St. Jude patients.

If you would like to join St. Jude Voice, send us an email at Let us know the community you wish to join. Keep  reading to find out which community best fits your experience.

Which community should I join?

St. Jude Voice has two communities:

St. Jude Family Voice is for families who are in active treatment or who have recently completed treatment at St. Jude.

Join St. Jude Family Voice

St. Jude Legacy Voice is for the bereaved families of St. Jude patients.

Join St. Jude Legacy Voice

You can request to join whichever community best reflects your St. Jude experience.

What is my role as a member of St. Jude Voice?

St. Jude Voice is a way to engage with the hospital whenever, however, and as often as it works for you. We are looking for members who will share their voices by taking surveys, taking part in forums, and visiting the St. Jude Voice webpage. If you are not able to be active for an extended period of time, we might re-evaluate your membership needs. We suggest you check into St. Jude Voice once a week and take surveys that interest you.

Just be yourself, share your experiences, and let us learn from you.

How do I unsubscribe from a community or switch communities?

If at any time you are no longer interested in being part of St. Jude Voice, click the unsubscribe button at the end of any email, survey, or St. Jude Voice webpage.

If you would like to move from the St. Jude Family Voice community to the St. Jude Legacy Voice community, you do not need to unsubscribe. Instead, please send an email to Let us know your name and the email address you have used with St. Jude Voice. Please tell us in the email that you would like to change communities.

What is discussed on St. Jude Voice?

One of the main ways you will be involved with St. Jude Voice is by answering surveys, sometimes called “activities.” Surveys, designed by the St. Jude staff, request your thoughts on a variety of hospital topics. Your survey answers are shared directly with St. Jude staff. They can have a direct impact on improving St. Jude patient family experiences.

Another way to get involved is by checking out the Hub. On this webpage, the staff will post information, newsletters, links, articles, videos, surveys, survey feedback, and more to keep you up to date on the latest St. Jude news. Many items posted on the Hub will lead you to other opportunities to engage with St. Jude.

Once you have joined St. Jude Voice, you can use these links to visit the Hub:

The St. Jude staff embraces patient family-centered care. That means we want to hear from you about topics like:

  • Campus design and construction projects
  • The safest and best ways to provide quality patient care
  • Family support during treatment
  • Food and nutrition services
  • And many other aspects of patient care

We value your partnership in planning and delivering the best care possible. That’s why hearing your voice through St. Jude Voice is so important to us.

What if I have more questions about St. Jude Voice?

You are in luck! If you still have questions about St. Jude Voice or need help navigating St. Jude Voice once you have joined the Virtual Advisory Community, review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, feel free to email Patient Family-Centered Care at