Nurse of the Year Award

The Nurse of the Year is someone who personifies what it means to be a nurse: compassionate, knowledgable, ethical, helpful and thoughtful. Nurse of the Year winners embody St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s mission by providing the best care possible to our patients, while collaborating with and mentoring our colleagues. 

Honorees demonstrate excellence through their abilities. They are recognized as outstanding leaders and role models in our nursing community.

2018 Nurse of the Year Honoree

Anna DeVine (center), 2018 Nurse of the Year winner, with Robin Mutz and Camille Filoromo.

Anna DeVine is a consummate Ambassador of the nursing profession.  She has completed an Evidence Based Practice Fellowship, and she is an active participant on the Shared Decision-Making Informatics Council.  Anna is also a Quality Champion for CLABSI prevention on the Solid Tumor Unit.

Recently, Anna led a campaign to explore the concept of restorative rest to combat caregiver drowsiness and mitigate errors. This led to a healthier work environment, and a Restorative Rest policy was implemented hospital wide in January 2018.

Anna embodies the characteristics one thinks of when they heard the word nurse: compassionate, kind, honest, intelligent and ethical. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is proud to name Anna as the 2018 Nurse of the Year.