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Solid Tumor Surgery

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital surgeons specialize in treating solid tumors in the body. Our surgeons are experts in techniques that remove tumors without damaging important body functions. We share these techniques globally to help others have access to the world-class treatment that St. Jude offers.

Children with solid tumors that need removal may be eligible to come to St. Jude just for surgery, even if your child gets most of their treatment at another facility. Families and referring doctors may contact the Department of Surgery to request an evaluation.

About solid tumor surgery at St. Jude

Surgery plays a vital role in most solid tumor treatment. Your child’s team will decide the best treatment plan to go along with surgery. The plan may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or both. You will help make that decision. 

Surgery and Diagnostic Imaging at St. Jude are pioneering new efforts in surgery using virtual reality, 3D imaging, and fluorescence-guided surgery. These efforts put us at the cutting edge of surgery techniques, allowing for precision and excellence.

  • Using virtual reality technology, St. Jude scientists can now create 3D models of tumors to see clearly where the tumor is and what it looks like from all angles.
  • Augmented reality technology will soon allow St. Jude surgeons to overlay 3D models onto patients that update in real-time during surgery to aid in removing tumors. 
  • Tumor-targeted fluorophores (fluorescent chemical compounds) help surgeons identify small tumor foci (microscopic tumor cells) and completeness of resection (tumor removal). 

Solid tumor surgeries offered at St. Jude include vision-sparing, limb-sparing, complex solid tumor, and kidney-sparing procedures to treat the following cancers:

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