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Transitioning your patient to St. Jude

The mission of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. We look forward to working together to provide the best possible care for your patient.

After St. Jude accepts your patient

If your patient meets the eligibility requirements for treatment at St. Jude and is accepted, several things will happen.

Your patient and his or her family will receive information on next steps. These include: 

  • transportation and travel
  • housing
  • patient registration and their first visit to St. Jude

You will receive an acceptance letter from the Physician / Patient Referral Office. It will include information about:

  • your patient's acceptance
  • the expected arrival date
  • your patient's primary St. Jude physician
  • next steps

First weeks of patient care

You will receive your first update after your patient arrives and completes his or her first review with the St. Jude care team. This initial status update should come within 72 hours. Approximately two weeks later, you will receive an additional report.

Contact St. Jude

You can contact the Physician / Patient Referral Office or St. Jude anytime with questions about your patient or treatment. We are also available for consultations when your patient is at home, and when you have questions about side-effects, treatment plans or disease progression.

  • Call: 1-888-226-4343 (toll-free) or 901-595-4055. After hours, please feel free to leave a voice mail and the call will be returned the next business day.
  • Email:
  • Emergencies: page us at 1-800-349-4334.