Communication Needs: Translation and Interpretation

Help for communication needs

To give your child the best care, members of the St. Jude staff must be able to communicate with you. You are your child’s main caregiver. The information you share is crucial for helping the St. Jude staff:

  • Learn about your child’s health history;
  • Plan your child’s treatment; and
  • Monitor your child for changes or needs during clinic visits and hospital stays.

We also want you to understand the answers to questions you might have about your child’s care.

If you have special communication needs, it is critical that you let the staff know. We can provide extra help to meet those needs.

  • For families who prefer a language other than English, we have on-site interpreters as well as over-the-phone interpreting services.
  • For other communication needs, such as those related to vision, hearing, the ability to read or to fully understand, the St. Jude staff will offer help based on the family’s specific needs.

If you have any trouble speaking with or understanding anyone on your child’s care team, please tell a staff member, so we can help you.