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Billing and Insurance

St. Jude MyChart User Guide

On St. Jude MyChart, you can see financial details, such as insurance reimbursements and medical care costs. (As always, you will never receive a bill for any medical treatment at St. Jude.) 

View claims for services covered by insurance

  1. Go to Billing > Coverage Details
  2. Select a coverage and click the Claims tab.
  3. Select a claim to view details for it, such as the servicing provider and claim status.

Review and update your child's insurance information

To review the insurance information that St. Jude has on file, go to Billing > Insurance Summary. Click Details for the payer or plan to see more information about the coverage.

You can update your child’s insurance information with any of the following changes:

  • Request a change to an existing coverage.
  • Remove a coverage.
  • Add a new coverage. New coverages are submitted for verification when you log out of St. Jude MyChart.