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St. Jude MyChart User Guide - Health

View your child's test results

With St. Jude MyChart, you can view test results as soon as they become available, rather than waiting for a phone call or your next clinic visit. To view test results, go to Health > Test Results. Select a test to see more information about it, such as:

  • The standard range for the result
  • Any comments your provider entered about the result
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If you are looking for a specific result, enter key words in the search field on the Test Results page. 


Receive email or text messages when new results are available

  1. Go to Profile > Communications.
  2. Expand the Health section and select a notification option next to Test Result.
  3. Update your email address and mobile phone number if needed at the bottom of the page.

Manage your child's medicines

View your child’s current medicines

Go to Health > Medications to see all of your child’s current medicines in one place. You can see details for each one, including the prescribed dosage, instructions, and the doctor who prescribed it. Click the Learn more link to view other details, such as warnings and possible side effects. 

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  • Remove a medicine your child is no longer taking: Click Remove and then add comments about why your child no longer takes that medicine. 
  • Add a new medicine: Click Add a Medication and then add comments about why your child takes the new medicine.

Your child’s chart will be updated after your health care provider reviews the change with you at your next visit.


Request a refill

  1. From the medication list, click Request Refills. 
  2. Select the check box next to the medicine you need refilled and enter any comments. Click Next.
  3. Select a delivery method, pharmacy, pickup date, and pickup time that's convenient for you, if applicable. Click Next. 
  4. Review the details of your refill request and click Submit. 

You will receive a message in your child’s St. Jude MyChart Inbox when the prescription refill is processed.

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You can request refills only for prescriptions that were filled at the St. Jude pharmacy. If you need a medication refill for a prescription at another pharmacy (for example, Walgreens or CVS), contact that pharmacy to request a refill. 

View a summary of your child's health information

To get a summary of your child’s medical record, go to Health > Health Summary. This summary includes:

  • Current health issues
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive care

Respond to questionnaires from your child's clinic

Your child’s clinic might post questionnaires using St. Jude MyChart. You can complete them online instead of filling out a form when you get to the clinic.

You might be able to respond to questionnaires in three different places:

  • Open generally available questionnaires from Health > Questionnaires.
  • If your child’s doctor wants you to complete a questionnaire for an upcoming appointment, go to Visits > Appointments and Visits. Locate the upcoming appointment and click Details. Open the questionnaire by clicking its name in the Questionnaires section of the appointment details.
  • If your child’s doctor sends you a St. Jude MyChart message with an attached questionnaire, open it by clicking the questionnaire link near the top of the message.

If you need to close a questionnaire before you finish it, click Finish Later to save your progress.

Track your child's daily health readings

Your child’s doctor might ask that you record details such as daily glucose or blood pressure readings in St. Jude MyChart. Enter the information in the Track My Health feature. Your child’s care team will see the readings and monitor your child’s progress between visits. 

Record a new reading in Track My Health

  1. Go to Messaging > Message Center. Open the message from your child’s doctor about a new flowsheet. The flowsheet is what you use to enter your child’s readings in the Track My Health feature.
  2. Open Track My Health by clicking the link in the message.
    • In the future, you can record your child’s readings by going directly to Health > Track My Health.
  3. Click the flowsheet's name to open it, and then click Add New Data to start recording your child’s readings.
  4. Enter your child’s reading with the date and time and click Continue. 
  5. Verify that you have entered your child’s reading correctly and click Submit.
  6. If you need to change or remove a reading after you have submitted it, you can do so by clicking Edit or Delete.
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If you have a fitness tracking device, such as a Fitbit or a Withings smart scale, you can link your device to St. Jude MyChart to automatically fill in your flowsheet with relevant data. Click Connect My Account on the Track My Health page to get started.


Track your child’s readings over time in a table or graph

  1. On the Track My Health page, click a flowsheet's name to view previous readings in a table.
  2. From this page, you can:
    • Click the More Options link to choose whether dates appear as rows or columns.
    • View the readings in a graph. Click Graph to change the display.
    • Customize the date range or the number of readings that appear. Change the From and To fields or the Latest Values field and click Apply to update the display.